Friday, March 14, 2014

And now from Ellington, Florida. ..a vacation report from Negative Nora.

Thank you Brett.   48° this morning heading towards a high in the 70's. We have had one day warm enough for swimming.  Almost.  We have spent most of a week - though it seems to be much longer- either driving or looking at the 4 walls of a motel.  First Chuck got sick with the stomach flu for three days.  Then a day's reprieve to get mani-pedi and visit friends who are probably getting sick even as we speak.  I got sick very early yesterday morning.  It is the kind of sick where you think you are dying.  Then you are hoping to die. Planning to leave tomorrow for parts unknown.  Theres a good chance we may just head home.  I might talk. To Chuck about going south to see if we can find some warm weather.  Also had to cancel plans with the kids and grandkids.  They will be leaving on a week long cruise the 21st and the last thing they need is to get sick.  There's plenty of time to get sick on the cruise.

Brett, I will report back in if something fun happens..
 Don't hold your breath.  Negative Nora signing out.


Unknown said...

75 in south Florida!

Rob-bear said...

Sick on your holidays? That seems unfair, somehow. Hope you are both well, soon.

Blessings and Bear hugs!

AVY said...

You always make me smile a little.