Thursday, July 11, 2013

VO and Sprite. It's not just for breakfast anymore!

Yeah.  That was my dinner tonight. 
About being married to Jesus.  One day Hunter and I were having a fight talk and he made a comment, " you need to put your hand in my side?"  I got hysterical.  I don't do that but I am telling you....I starting yelling that he wasn't Jesus and that I wouldn't worship him and on and on.  I can't how disturbed I was.  And it was a crazy immediate feeling.  WOW!  He later explained that it was just a figure of speech and that I was over reacting. should a person react to that?
The week before I thought I was a hooker but then I realized that hookers get paid, right?  How much does a blow-job go for these days?  And another thing.  Why is it called a blow job when it actually sucking?  Well unless there is ice involved.
And a week later I thought I was a farmer.  Yard work...which I actually enjoy. 

My son in law got me that smart phone.  A Samsung Galaxy S III.  I have been playing Candy Crush.  I never could get it hooked up to my WIFI at home.  I finally got the neighbor to do it.  And even though he is extremely tech savvy....after he gave up he tried one more thing.  And YAY!  It worked.  I am too excited.  I bet my son-in-law is too cuz I was using up all the data.

Hunter had his cardio-conversion Monday.  They found out he had A Fib and so this procedure was scheduled.  But because his Coumadin level was 1.8 or whatever after 5 weeks of being at 2.5....they had to do a camera/scope thingie to check for blood clots.  It didn't work.  They upped the joules and did it a 2nd time.  Upped the joules one more time and that was as high as it goes.  Still didn't work but then a bit started beating in the right rhythm.

So.  A Hooker, Mrs. Jesus and a Farmer.  A women wears a lot of different hats doesn't she?


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

When my husband realized he was wrong about something he said or did, he would say.. "I'm not God, but I'm the closest thing to him."
It was spoken in an off handed way and we both knew it was his way of saying I'm sorry or I made a mistake. He never could say those words until the very end. Thank You, was also not in his vocabulary, until shortly before he passed.
I think that it was an accumulation of hurt and frustration that set you off and you needed that release. Been there! I shit you not!
(((warm hugs)))

A Plain Observer said...

I am flabbergasted at the little things that set me off and the huge ones that I let slip off.
We are weird. I love it.
Blow...yes, I wonder where that comes from. Sometimes it should be paid even if in a marriage. Sometimes it's a job, a lousy job with no pay.

I love to be reminded of your blog because it makes me laugh each time.

Outcast said...

My mum is obsessed with Candy Crush Middle Child so I can completely relate to that one, you're in good company. Sounds like a strange argument, I don't know if your reaction was an overreaction, personally I find the story funny although I get it's possible that the story wasn't very funny at the time!

Vapid Vixen said...

Having the man in our lives pay us for sexual favors...I like this idea. I like it very much.

Munir said...

Frankly speaking there are times when I get upset at the simplest things that can go wrong and sometimes I take dirt left and right and do not complain. Go figure that.

klahanie said...

Good grief, I drop by after a reminder that I should drop by and my oh my, the amount of hats you have to wear goes beyond belief.

Why do they call it a "one-night stand"?

Peace and hugs,


bj said...

Hi, MC....:))

VEG said...

Woman, this was the most awesome collection of random things ever. Plus blow jobs and Jesus in the same post? I salute you! :)

lotta joy said...

I've had severe A-fib since age 10. It's gotten more noticeable now, but I refuse to have a heart ablation. I just don't trust the medical profession. But when it goes out of whack, it stays out of whack for days. I like your hats. I have about 4 that I wear just to warn my husband what kind of day it's going to be for him.

Rob-bear said...

Oh, my goodness. From a lady of the night to Mrs. Jesus. What an extreme range of characters in your life.

And I was wondering if Hunter's heart conversion left his any more kind-hearted. Silly question, I suppose.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
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