Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Still here. Don't exactly know why.

All I have are complaints, as usual.

Hunter drove for the 1st time today since his surgery.  He is doing well.  Sees his ortho surgeon tomorrow to get his staples out.  In 3-4 weeks they plan to shock his heart back into rhythm.  It's weird because he has no symptoms of any kind.  They did put him on Digioxin for the A-Fib. so if he can be on that, why do they have to use the paddles on him?  That actually scares me.

Cain graduates high school Saturday at 10 AM.  Yeah...AM.  We got him Euros to take on his trip to Germany in June.  I could write a whole thing about Hunter and this issue but it isn't worth it.

We saw Gatsby today.  I didn't realize it was the 3-D one.  Guess that explains why it was showing in two theaters there.  It isn't a show that needed to be in 3-D but now I am psyched to see a good, action movie in 3-D.

Haven't done any planting yet.  Just not into it.
No energy.  No drive.  Not happy.  Yeah, the usual.

The Graduate!


Ms. A said...

Congratulations, Cain!

Momma Fargo said...

Yippee..graduation and Germany! How fun! Good to hear from you!

Red Shoes said...

Congratulations to the graduate!!

Germany? What part??

You do need to work on your drive and energy level..

You just do...


Outcast said...

Massive congratulations to Cain on graduating, what an awesome achievement! Great post Middle Child, good to hear from you.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Graduates give the entire family a sense of pride in their accomplishment! :0)
Congrats to Cain.

About the other...I HEAR YOU.

Unknown said...

Graduation is huge ! So is Germany.
Hope you feel a whole lot better soon. xx

bj said...

Hi, MC,
Congratulations to Cain...we only have one in our distant family graduating this year. I bet HE wishes he were going to Germany.:))

Since we are moving, IF WE EVER SELL THIS OLDEN HOUSE, I won't plant anything new other than my window box. I'll just put pots in it and then, IF WE EVER SELL THIS OLDEN HOUSE, I can take them to the new place. :)

I say go to the nursery and pick out a few brightly flowering plants and go get your hands in the's so good for the soul....and the spirit !!

Glad Hunter is doing well....

Rob-bear said...

Thinking of you, MC.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
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