Friday, May 10, 2013

Everything is perfect in Pleasantville. Maybe. I don't know. I am too weary to notice.

Hunter finally had his surgery yesterday.  Took less than a half hour.  No problems.  They have to wait for the culture to know what kind of bacteria so that they can put him on the right antibiotics.  He gets to come home tomorrow!  He is being a very good patient.  Honestly, Hunter is becoming much um......nicer?  Sadly, I do believe it is due to his declining health.  I will be going to the hospital as I have everyday for a week.  Is it bad that I wish I could stay home just this one day?  I think I will just go earlier than I had planned and only stay about 3 hours. 

Maggie misses him like crazy.  I soooo want to take her there to see him.  But since she is a little shit-though I am coming to love her-I know it isn't allowed.  She lays at the door doing her little crying.  Just a couple times a day but it breaks my heart.  She also puts her upper body on my lap-standing on her hind legs-just for comfort.

And then there's the rain.  Dreary so...yeah.  I think it's tomorrow night that the low will be 35 degrees.  WTH?  Pity the people that have planted their annuals.  But then I may never even get to that.  Thankfully I have alot of perennials.

Again...I apologize for not reading posts.  I miss it.  Please know that nothing here is serious.  My daughter is fine.  Hunter is fine.  I did have emotional issues Tuesday night when I went out to my daughter's for her son's awards ceremony.  I suppose it had alot to do with all that has been going on but the grandkids.....they just made me cry.  No hellos, no goodbyes, no thanks for coming.  Love you, hugs....nothing.  I feel like I am nothing to them.  Yes they are teenagers.  Yes they have gone thru so much and still are.  But they have so much love and support.  Am I asking too much that they at least acknowledge me?  If nothing else, at least comment back when I ask them something like, "When is your next track meet?"  Or accept when I tell them I am proud of them.   Their whole lives I have been there for them.  I am the "fun" grandma.  Wish they were still little.  I miss their joy, honesty and wonder at all things.  So I was crying out in the parking lot as we were walking to our cars.  Dawn held me as I cried and asked me what was wrong.  I told her it was the way her kids treated me.  As if I didn't exist.   And I told her not to tell the kids.  I squeezed her arm a bit tightly.  As I left crying....I said to the kids, " I will let you know if Pa-Chuck dies."  Wow!  Could I get more immature than that?  I do not do that.  Ever.  No response from that.  Dawn ended up telling Nate kind of by mistake and he texted an apology but the wording seemed a bit like what Dawn said to him rather than his own words and feelings.  I suppose I am over reacting but when I think of the fact that we have gone to most of their games and concerts and stuff for all these years....they live 45 minutes to an hour away, gas is over $4 etc.  Oh.  And did I mention that constuction is a real bitch right now?

All is well.  Not to worry,  I will be fine.  I always am.  Peace and Love to all of you.


Furry Bottoms said...

Peace and Love to you too. Teenagers are hard to deal with already, but this is ridiculous. Why they act like that when they should at least be polite. I am sorry it has got you feeling so hurt.

Outcast said...

I'm glad to hear that things are finally on the mend in certain aspects and that Hunter's been feeling better, hopefully he gets well soon. Sorry to hear that your grandchildren have been ungrateful, trust me though they love their granny, they just won't appreciate you until the future, I did the same with my wee granny.

Ms. A said...

Girl, trust me, you are not the only one that has ungrateful grandchildren, especially when they reach the teen years. Hang in there. If you live long enough, they'll get older and then they might show some appreciation. Might being the operative word.

Unknown said...

I call them 'teenstrangers' rather than 'teenagers' because, well really they are from another planet or something.
My kids were the same about older rellies and about hub and I when they were t/strangers but now at 20 and 26 they see the value in their grandparents, going out of their way to spend time with them as if they know that time is running out for them to be close to their nan and grandma and grandad.
Ungrateful at time but worth perservering.
Sending love and healing wishes and i hope you get some time to yourself in the near future- we all need it xx

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Take a day for yourself. If you get ill, what will Hunter do. I allowed myself some days off here and there. It's called "Mental Survival."
As for the grands..they are like most grands. Things are not the same as when I was young. We learned RESPECT for our elders and even my mother's friends we referred to as Aunt so and so.
You sound "blue" and that's understood. Been there!!!
Please take care of yourself. (((hugsssss)))

Anonymous said...
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Wanda's Wings said...

Glad the surgery went well.

lotta joy said...

We went through a LONG period of time when the only time we heard from the grandkids was prior to Christmas when we'd get emails listing what they wanted. Shit happens, and it hurts like hell when it's coming from the grandkids.

Ami said...

It's really hard to know what you have when you're a teenager. I was close to my grandparents in a lot of ways, but failed to realize how wonderful they were to me until much later on. I am glad they were still around for me to thank them and let them know how much they meant to me.

Just Be Real said...

I am sorry all this is going on for you. Hugs....

bj said...

Hi, Sweetie...just stopping in to wish you a Happy Mother's Day.
Hang in there, Middle....even if they don't show it right now, those grands love you...and as they age, all those fun times ya'll had together will be one of their fondest memories. I PROMISE.!!
So glad to hear Hunter is doing well...NOW...please take time out for Middle Child...go eat something you love to the moon and back...go to a great movie...(if it were ME, I'd make dern sure Johnny Depp was in it...:))
go buy a new top that is in your favorite color...take a WONDERFUL nap....:)
Love, bj

Rob-bear said...

Somehow, the presence of "Pleasantville" and "perfect" in the same sentence seems a bit — jarring!

Blessings and Bear hugs, especially on Mother's Day!
Bears Noting
Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

The Queen said...

I'm sorry you are going through this.

Makes me cry to think someday the little OC that worships the ground I walk on, will not want to speak to me. I would not be able to handle it as well as you are. I'm not that strong.

Makes me cry to think about it. I can't imagine actually have to live through it. I remember the kid being that way as a teen.. and we survived it..and are close as can be now. but if OC ever put me through that,, I would not make it.

Hang in there.. there is always a rainbow when it rains, sunshine after the clouds.. and you've been through worse.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yeah something about a man's mortality coming up for a bitch slap reality check makes them nicer. Go figure!

bj said...

Hi, love...hope things are ok there. you haven't posted in awhile...??

Red Shoes said...

You take care of yourself... that's always the most important thing to do... anything and everything else is just extra.