Thursday, May 2, 2013

At least he doesn't have a blood clot.

Quick one here.  Good thing I have experience with quickies!
I got home from Dawn's late last night.  I took the tollway even though it is all under construction.  There are scary close cement barriers on both sides and it was a stuggle for me to drive inside the lines given that I desperately need to see the eye doctor and I was exhausted, ok I was pretty much asleep.  Then you have the jack-wagons that insist on passing at high rates of speed, though most drivers were doing the right thing.  I began to take the back roads until I realized I would be missing my turns and stuff cuz I was....(see above.)
This morning I went with Hunter to the doctor because of his whole leg being swollen and bruised from when he fell up the stairs several days ago.  He had an xray to see if anything was broken.  Then was sent to the hospital for a stat ultrasound to check for blood clots.  No problems so he did get to come home.  He does, however have celulitis-skin infection that is serious-so he is on antibiotics.
Now I need to get ready to back out to my daughter's as her son Cain is in a presentation of the war veteeran's documentaries that they made.
Tomorrow I hope to be hospitalized for exhaustion.  Ha!

Love to all of you.  Muah!


Outcast said...

Glad to hear that Hunter's okay to an extent and that he's going to be able to carry on without fear of blood clotting. Hopefully things start getting better again Middle Child, I'd hate to hear about you being hospitalised for anything even exhaustion, hopefully things get quiet for a while now.

Rob-bear said...

Hunter will survive, as will Dawn. This is all good news.

Please take care of yourself, Middle Child!

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting
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Ms. A said...

Do you actually think you could get rest in a hospital? I've got news for you, THAT'S THE LAST PLACE YOU COULD RECOVER FROM EXHAUSTION! LOL!

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

As you are aware....what Hunter has can be very serious.
He best take his meds faithfully and do as he was told by his physician.
Hope you get some much needed rest soon m/f.

Unknown said...

All good news in Pleasantville then. Get some sleep. xx

Unknown said...

You!!!!!! I miss you! How have you been? Really. Missed you a lot.