Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I should have been a doctor.

Not only do I like alot of body parts on certain people but...er, no...wait.
Dawn is home.  Doing better.  One of my best friends just found out her husband has cancer.  1 tumor in lung.  3 in brain, one of which the did remove.  The other 2 are inoperable.  He will not recover from this though if he chooses chemo and radiation it would buy him some time.  Cain-Dawn's son-came home from school today sick.  My son and daughter's grandma is back in the hospital after having two valves replaced. (she's 85).  Can't think of what else. 

Oh yeah....Hunter got back from Wisconsin.  He went there to hunt.  He trimmed apple trees and a multitude of chores for his "boyfriend" Brian.
He came home yesterday and had to mow.  His tone of voice was such that you could he felt put upon.  And I didn't get a card out to his grandson-remember how blood is family meaning I am not.  Won't get into that.  He had to take out the trash because it was full.  And I left a ton of dishes that he had to do.  OK.  You guys know that is bullshit.  And he was such a dick to me on the phone with me this morning. 
I imagine this time it is because he fell up the stairs injuring his shin.  His leg is all swollen and not good but he won't go to his GP cuz he doesn't like him.  So he relies on his pulmonologist and his ortho guy as his 'primary.  I want him to go in for an ultra-sound now cuz it sounds like the time he got a blood clot.  But.....no.  He pisses me off so much.
I need to stay one more night even though I don't have tomorrow mornings meds.  That's no big deal.  He wasn't happy with that, I guess, because he said, "Get Jackson a birthday card while you are out gallivanting.
I know many of you are going through things that are very, very serious.
I am exhausted though. 

Love you guys and again.....will try to read posts when I can.


Outcast said...

I'm really glad to hear that Dawn is home although that's a shame about your grandmother, hope she gets well soon. I think I'm glad to hear Hunter's back although maybe I shouldn't be, if he's being a dick that's not good.

Rob-bear said...

Oh, how unpleasant it is in Pleasantville. Same stuff, different day. Sorry you keep getting dragged through all this "stuff."

I'm glad that Dawn is better, though Hunter is not.

I hope you will have some enjoyment this spring.

Blessings and Bear hugs!
Bears Noting
Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

bj said...

Just stopping in to say hi...and that I am thinking 'bout you.
Glad Dawn is better....
xo bj

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

I have Two Words for Hunter and they ARE NOT Happy Birthday m/f!
F him and the horse he rode in on!!!

Unknown said...

Wow- sounds like life is very hard at the moment or has been for some time.
One thing i do know is that no one else values your time the way you do so you really have to push there, place your boundaries and stand your ground.
People tend to think I do nothing all day as so that my time is their time as well.
All relationships need boundaries and time is one of them- you dictate what you do with it, not anyone else ever. Lisa xx

Anonymous said...
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