Monday, March 11, 2013

vegas wedding!

No.  Not mine.  Seriously?  I am on my third marraige and we will be together until one of us kills the other one of us dies.  It was my son and his wife renewing their wedding vows on their 10th anniversary.  It rained.  No, it poured.  Now add in some hail and put the bride in a knee brace....

-let me interupt myself here.  Hunter went out for subs over an hour ago (while I was doing laundry) and he still isn't back.  No biggie, right?  But.  We have to leave in 5 minutes to attend another showing of our grandson's play.  The Wiz.  He steals the show as the Tinman.  And I am not doing the Grandma thing.  You should have heard the audience!!!' another day and can I just does one do anything in fake nails?  Yeah, call me Amish but I just got acrylic nails for the first time and they feel weird!!  And trying to type?  Is it even possible?  And all because Hunter has been wanting a mani-pedi.  Metro-sexual?  Hunter? 

Just bits and blurbs here.
Cami got her period.  She's 8.  WTF!
D.I.L. was unterviewed for the news as the news crew happened to be at the clinic where Jenn ha to take the kids cuz they have no insurance.  Ah, that's anoter long story.
Leaving soon to go to dinner with the kids.
Went to Premium Outlets and.......are you sitting down?  I walked into the Coach store and having free range financially, I walked out with a bag full of nothing.  Yes, really.  Dooney, nothing and then we came to an Ugg store.  The clouds parted and angels began to sing!  I got 2 pairs of Ugg boots.  Yeah,, I know that people think they are ugly but I am comfortable enough in my own skin not to care.  Fact: If you ever tried them on and wore them for a would live in nothing else.  I go all winter without wearing socks!

Tired and shakey.  Weird.  Wishing it would get warm enough to go in the pool.  Hopefully tomorrow.  Course I should do a load of laundry and that takes sooooo long. 

Will try to read posts tonight.
Jenn just texted.   My son John is in the ER. His face is all swollen.  He has cellulitis.


Outcast said...

I love the time that you picked to start writing this Middle Child. That wedding sounds like a whole lot of fun, it's such a good idea. Hopefully Hunter comes in time and you're able to attend this play alright, your grandson sounds a natural!

lotta joy said...

I had a hard time finding how to leave a comment today. At some point I'm going to have to admit that my eyesight is failing. But did I see where you bought a ton of UGHS? Lordy honey. Where'd you find the money buried and send me the map with a HUGE "X" on the site.

(very huge)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I read something recently about how our mass produced enginetically manufactured food system is causing young girls to develop pre-maturely. American food supply is the cheapest and most processed in the world. I'm going to stop here before I go off on an official rant.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Holy SHIT! 8 WTF!!!!
That's a cruel joke on a baby!!!
Geeesh...your life sounds as screwed up as mine is with the kids and grands and,and,and.
Ughs...whatever floats your boat.
PLZ just don't go with ear PLUGS. argh!!!