Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hey people! Is anyone having warm weather?

Not that it's 30 degrees here or anything.  I'd just like to go swimming.  Next time.....indoor pool for sure.  I napped most of the day.  Not feeling the best and now Hunter is sleeping.  All is calm.  That in itself is vacation enough for me!  Met with friends who rent a place on Santa Marie Island.  It is beautiful there but still cool, especially when we walked out to the edge of the pier to the restaurant.  On the way back to the hotel we stopped at the beach and let Maggie out.  We are trying to get her used to the water.  I took off my socks and shoes and rolled up my jeans and waded in so she would see there was nothing to fear.  She was sooooo cute!  She'd go just until her belly got wet then she'd take big bouncing jumps backwards to get out of the water.

Tomorrow Hunter wants me to get up earlier and go to the lobby and have breakfast with him.  And people watch.  Lately I have been sleeping in and he fills my thermos and brings  bananas, yogurt and muffins back to the room for me.  We also have to pick up grandson from school and will go to a place called Menchies for frozen yogurt.  It's one of those places where you can choose from tons of flavors, sauces and toppings -even fruity pebbles!  No thanks.  (to the fruity pebbles I mean.)

I may have told you that DIL have a young guy sideswipe her car badly in a parking lot.  Later that night we were at their house and when we were going back to the hotel they were taking Ashley to her friends for a sleep over but since she didn't know how to get there, Matt took her.  Then there was a gate at this friends house as well as the community gate.  Their gate closed on his car!  Scrapes on both sides.
My son was at the ER twice in two days.  They finally gave him steroids and he is much better now.  And on and on.  Even when I was young I couldn't have survived their kind of lives!  Would have had to make best friends with Jack Daniels at a very young age.  Now he is just an acquaintance.

LOTTA JOY - Hunter holds the key to the money and he releases it when we are on vacation.  Hence....the UGGS.  And expensive dinners and such.  So I take it when I can get it.


Ms. A said...

We've been having gorgeous weather, with temps in the 70's... but it's still too cold for swimming, unless it's heated.

Furry Bottoms said...

How can anyone deny Karma exists?! That guy with the gate closing on his car. Yuh huh.

It sounds peaceful where you are at right now. I am glad for you.

I'll leave all the swimming to you! I love to swim, but the bathingsuit? Not so much.

Outcast said...

Sounds like things are good with Hunter right now which is awesome Middle Child, that frozen yoghurt place sounds so delicious too, mmm! Glad to hear about your son too, that's good news.

klahanie said...

I detect a bit of optimism in this posting. That's a hopeful sign for a better future for you.

Warm weather? England? What?

lotta joy said...

Would it help if you bought your UGGS, then *cough* returned them and pocketed the money?

Is that man of yours having some kind of epiphany? Good women are hard to find, and it sounds like he's learning that. Finally.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said... right around the in days, so the calendar says. :0)
Some years it arrives on my birthday(21st) and other years the 20th.
Hope you get some swimming weather before you leave for home. It's beautiful in that area of FL.

Wanda's Wings said...

It's been warm here but now swimming. Another cold front is on the way. Glad your son is feeling better. I'm glad Hunter can let down his guard on vacation. Have fun.

Practical Parsimony said...

It was 76 F her yesterday and today.

The Queen said...

WE went from 86 to 36 in about six hours.. and it's not getting any warmer. I am so over winter.