Thursday, February 14, 2013

Silver Linings.

Sometimes you have to look really hard for the silver linings.  You think there's no such things because they are usually hidden and you can't see through the hurt and anger.

We did go see the Silver Linings Playbook movie today.  I really liked it!  We always go to a movie on Valentines Day.  It is also our 18th anniversary.  We had planned to make reservations at a great Italian restaurant but I decided we would go another time when it wasn't quite so busy, plus the fact that we would be full from the popcorn.  I got a dozen two-toned pink roses.  Beautiful!

Daughter is planning to drive to Oklahoma (15 hour drive) to see her husband.  He normally works 6 weeks and is off a week and repeat.  But right now they are trying to get a contract with a new company and so are working like 4 months straight with no time to come home.  Dawn has major anxiety and even driving an hour messes with her mind.  I am afraid she will zombie out on Xanax.  So....there are 2 considerations....1 - Will she be able to overcome her anxiety.  2- Jer is probably being sent to Germany for 2 weeks training-they make the wind turbines in Germany-and he is hoping it won't be during spring break when Dawn is planning to drive to visit.

I have been extremely lax in my posting and reading.  Mostly just lazy and perhaps tired.  Proof?  I slept 14 hours night before last!!!  Yes, really.



Gnetch said...

OMG you slept for 14 hours??? I've been wanting to sleep that long!! It's okay not to post often. Just post when you want/need to.

Happy Valentine's Day!!! <3

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Happy Anniversary m/f.

I can so relate to the absentee posting having gone from daily to once in a Blue Moon myself.
It's all good.