Monday, December 3, 2012

Indian reservation.

Will probably go to the Indian reservation to get cheap cigs.  We are going to Costco today.  I am waiting for a prescription to be called in to Walgreens.  John and Jennifer are helping out at Cami's school and should be home soon.  Josh is home sick.

The days here are very busy and seem to pass quickly.  It's morning and then BOOM, it's night.  We went to Red Rock conservation area.  The mountains are beautiful!  Have seen dust devils and tumble weeds.  So? For me they are something new and therefor exciting.  I am easily pleased.  Was able to get the kids Christmas gifts.  They are large and not anything I could really ship.  So...yay!  Have gone out to eat a few times.  Yum-o!  Were hoping to go to Fire Mountain but it was too late in the day.  Watched Josh's football game on Saturday then ran to church to hear Gabby (can't remember her last name) speak at church.  She won the gold medal in gymnastics at the Olympics.  Love this church. 

Still peaceful-though often loud with the dogs and kids-and relaxing here.  Yesterday...not so much.  John and Jenn had a big argument with Mike and Shelly-Jenn's sister.  They all live together and the house is large so that isn't a problem.  It all started with John and Jenn wanting to get down the Christmas deckies.  Mike blew a gasket.  Can you say 'Roid Rage?  Everyone yelling and swearing - not a common occurrence here.  John said he almost got out a knife and stabbed Mike cuz Mike was all up in his face.  Mike is a "body builder" and a bully.  It ended with John and Jenn staying up in their room and telling the kids to come up there if /when they came in the house.  Jenn was already looking for houses on-line.  I told her to wait a week.  She and Shelly talked later that night and there is an uneasy truce for now.  I know things will go back to normal soon.

In my adult life there are so many things occurring that I can hardly believe.  I was raised in a calm-though alcoholic-home.  Not perfect but none of this drama.  Each year brings something new.

Well John and Jenn are on their way home and then Jenn and I will be going out for awhile so I will close for now.  Peace.


Wanda's Wings said...


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

HOME....will look good. For awhile at least. ;0)

Outcast said...

I'm sorry to hear that there was a problem in the third paragraph because the second was so positive but I'm glad to hear that things are generally moving in the right direction, you deserve a lot of happiness Middle Child and it sounds like right now you're getting some.

Unknown said...

That screaming and yelling makes me crazy. I can't handle it. Ron and I did not scream and yell at each other. My parents fought, but I never remember the raised voices. I just flat out don't like it.

Jimmy said...

I have gotten to the point to where The louder you yell the less I hear, I don't much care for the yelling either.

Musli Power extra online said...

What a great posting...

lotta joy said...

Yell at me and you'll soon be yelling all by yourself. I can't stand a raise in decibels, even if it's happy talk.

Pearl said...

I used to hang out with a body builder. Same thing with the roids.

They need to get out, and I'm glad they know that!


bj said...

The thing about fighting...things are always said that seldom can you take back...and even if you do, the hurt is still there and most of the time, always will be. It is hard to patch a relationship that has fighting going's hard enuf to have a relationship where each one respects the other and their beliefs and have to work at it all the time.
So sorry they had this's not all that healthy for 2 families to live in the same house. Sometimes, it works...most of the time, it doesn't.

Mr. Sweet is in Vegas right now...he'll be there for 2 weeks.
Trade show at Mandalay Bay. He and son go every year. If ya'll should go...look for FLINT HATS AND BOOTS booth. The olden but still very handsome white-haired man is SWEET !! :))
Tell him you are MIDDLE CHILD in the blog world and he will call me instantly, while you are standing there. Then, I can talk to YOU. :))
That would be waaay neat.
Take care, dear heart..
xo bj

Kelly said...

You do have more than your unfair of drama at your place. can't be denied. Hope that truce lasts until after the holidays.

Have a great rest of the weekend and if I don't say it soon enough, Merry Christmas!

Snowbrush said...

I worry for you in the presence of such rage over trivial matters.

Did you know that tumbleweeds are also known as Russian thistles? I grew up thinking that they were indigenous to the American West, and was shocked to learn that they're imports.