Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sadly, I can't say it out loud.

Today it was 63 degrees.  Tonight it will be in the brrr 40's.  Good thing I like the cold, right?  Was awake for a couple hours and then thought I would take a nap cuz I was brrr tired.  Then decided to tackle the office.  Ended up outside getting rid of dead perennials and that got me going.  Doesn't always work that way but today it did.  So I feel pain in my back good.  Didn't get around to moving my very tall ornamental grass.  It kind of shades too much of my circular flowerbed out front.  It grows to be the size of a big bush.  I love it and will plant it in the middle of my yard.  Sometimes after a hard downpour, it kind of "splits" down the middle.  I saw someone nearby that had about a 2' band of green whatever around it.  I want to do that, even though I like the fullness.  So I need to stop and inquire of this person just what it is that they have around it and if they leave it all year round or just put it up around the emerging growth each year.

Tomorrow is the last of Maggie's puppy check-ups, including shots.  We paid for the whole package up front so we would get a discount.  I am going to get up early so I can go with, not that it's that early but if I have to set and alarm, I don't sleep well. 

I think we are taking my Rendezvous to the wedding.  Much better gas mileage.  It will fit Maggie and all out stuff.  And there is a big adjustment to the wardrobe I intended to bring.  First of all....the wedding is "casual."  I know if it was Wisc. it would be Bibs, a flannel shirt and a purse full of beer....and that's just for the girls!  But St. Cloud Minn.?  Do I wear my Sorels?  Casual huh....perhaps flannel pj's?  Well, forget the dress I was going to wear.  It's pants and a blazer for me.  And maybe a St. Bernard with a cask of Brandy around it's neck.  WHAT?  If the cask matches my Sorels.....I'll be stylin'.   We'll be staying at their lake home.  Lake.  Should I bring my skates?  Will not be parlaying that into a trip out east so I can relax about that.  We will be stopping at Brian's farm to pick-up Hunter's meds that he left there.  I haven't been there in ages so I look forward to seeing what it's like now.  That way I can decide if I want to go up there with him when he goes again at the end of the month.  I doubt it.  You know.....if I could just pull myself away from the TV when he is gone, I would get alot done.  I am already bargaining with myself.  If I "work this day and that day then I can watch TV on these days.  Ha.  Who am I fooling?

We plan to go to a village meeting on the 20th that has to do with rezoning some houses in our village.  The main issue seems to be grandfathering older homes-like mine which is over 100 yrs. old. 
Here's the deal.  I don't know if this posted or not.  I keep losing my "labels"  Will try posting again.


Kristy said...

I hope you have a nice time away.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

What did miss?
Who's wedding and where and when and how long will you be gone???

lotta joy said...

I see a lot of 'you' in me. You are doing things right now that a LOT of people write glowing posts about. I am always amazed at how I can't seem to derive pleasure out of the very things that send others into some kind of spiritual frenzy of happiness.

bj said...

I do so hope this will be a good trip..enjoy it all and you'll feel rested when you get back. Ready to tackle that grass thingy you want to wrap up.:)

I am pulling my hair out today as I am trying the new interface on Blogger and I am totally lost (remember...I'm olden). A blogger told me they would switch me over and I'd sure be in a hell of a mess
if I don't know how to do it...I'm trying but now I'm scared. :((

Gnetch said...

Everyone's getting married and I'm like... "You're okay, Gnetch. You're okay..." Haha!

Seriously though, I hope you have a good/fun trip. You deserve it. :)