Friday, June 8, 2012

Thank you faithful followers.

John is ok.  They removed four teeth and had to go into his cheek which is now draining. He's excited about the possibility of getting some soft food this afternoon.  I was so glad to get Jennifer's call.  I was thinking he would die-and I am not normally a prophet of doom-so I was worked up enough that I was going to take a couple Xanax.  Not good.  I usually only take one.

GRINS - I agree with you about satan.  You are right.

PAT - I to am not "religious" as it is a term that I don't care for.  I am a Christian.  I do go to church.  I don't just believe in God.  I KNOW God is real.  And yes, you can use my real name.  I do know it isn't anything I did to cause all these things.  I just wish........

I want to thank ALL OF YOU for your prayers and well wishes.  Prayer truly does make a difference.

I am not worried about going to Wisc. overnight now. It was all I could do not to jump on a plane and fly to Vegas to be with my son.   Dawn has an appt. with the lawyer tomorrow.  I have reminderd her  that it is probably too late to keep their home but that now her husband has gotten a good job....they will have no trouble finding a nice place to rent.
So now I feel I can relax a bit and enjoy my weekend.  Hunter even asked me if we could get some stuff ready for the garage sale.  He is helping me and I am thrilled not to have to do this alone.

Again....thank-you so much.  I am blessed to have all of you as friends.


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Amen Karen. May this be behind you all soon. (((hugs)))Pat

klahanie said...

I just read your previous posting and thank goodness that John is okay.
I'm hoping that perhaps this and some of your own turmoil, will be eased.
For what it's worth, I send positive and peaceful wishes.
In kindness and virtual hugs, Gary

Grammy Goodwill said...

I am so glad to read this post.

Ms. A said...

Glad to hear it!