Saturday, June 2, 2012

And then it changes.

A different morning.  A different me.  I am energized.  I want to go get the groceries and clean and do stuff.  It's almost beyond my control who I wake up to be each morning.  I am ready to rock and roll!  I used to say that to the grandsons when they were young and we were going somewhere..  Cain would always say...."Come on Damma,...let's wock and woll!"  I always referred to any activities like a doings in the park or whatever as "going to a party."  Now it's on to baseball season as they are older.  Getting a schedule from my daughter is like pulling teeth! 

I still have the stuff in my car that I tried to to take to church for their sale.  I will see if they want to take it tomorrow when we go to church.  If they say it's too late....I will keep it for my garage sale June 23rd.  Neighbors on both sides of me are also having sales that day and that certainly helps bring in traffic.  My neighbor is apoplectic that I am just giving this stuff away.  "You can get money for that!"  she says.  She's right.  And since I am a $28 a week 'allowance for the next 2 months....I could use the money.  But I just need it gone.  If I had the guts, I would throw it all out like many women do.  I am not saying this is wrong but it feels wrong for me.  I  know I could just pack it all up and take to Salvation army.  Purple hearts and Amvets would just come here and pick it up.  So....

Feels like I pinched a nerve in my neck.  It will go away later in the day.  I am scheduled for a sleep study in two weeks.  Mmmmm.....wonder  who I will get to sleep with  how that will go?! 

Plants (flowers) are growing well since we had that good soaking rain the other day.  I shouldn't have to mow for a day or 2.  Think I'll tell Hunter we are going to get Brown's Chicken for dinner tonight.  I prefer KFC but can live with Brown's.  He also said I could clean the 'fridge out and toss whatever I want.  This is a good thing as most of the  crap  stuff is his weird stuff.

It's breezy , partly sunny and in the 70's.  Who wouldn't feel good with that kind of weather!

We are going to Wisconsin next weekend for a graduation.  Should be fun!  It's for our friend's son who is graduating from High School.  It will be a joint party with one of his friends.

Will read some posts here then hit the road.  Peace.


Unknown said...

oh, I so miss Brown's chicken. I am happy you are happy today!

Wanda's Wings said...

Oh for some of your energy. I used to love watching my kids play baseball. I sure grandchildren are just as much fun. Take care!

Ms. A said...

I could use a good day. Those are few and far between.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

A complete change from the other day. I LIKE! :0)(((hugs)))Pat

Just Be Real said...

Awwwww..... blessings.

Rob-bear said...

A healthy sleep is a good thing. A pain in the neck is a not-good thing.

An allowance of $28.00 is a bit tight. You will survive.

Sleep study. Been there; done that. On several occasions. They have found I have sleep apnea, and have been treating it for a few years. This is better than not being treated.

Hope life in Pleasantville improves for you!

Come visit the Bear some time.

Coffeypot said...

Glad you feel better and are out and about.