Monday, March 5, 2012

Help me wake up!

Man am I tired.  And yucky and I need a shower And more coffee.  Sooo, I need to make myself presentable so that I can go out in public.

PAT - I am the only girl here with the hunters.  I am happy with that.  I do not cook for anyone.  It's not like that.  Just Hunter and me.  We only have a tiny microwave and tiny fridge so I need to buy some tiny food to get us through a few days.  I'd set an alarm to go down and have free breakfast but you the lazy that is me.  I am like hell no.  Turned off the alarm and went back to sleep.  Thanks for all your comments.  I appreciate it very much.

I am still cold.  It's supposed to get up to 60 degrees today and close to 70 tomorrow.  Yes please!  I have no complaining to do about Hunter yet  because I will not see much of him for the next couple days.  I have to write that in case you guys thought you went to the wrong blog.  I can give you a little something from yesterday if you'd like.  Where to go.  What to see.  Hunter said,  "Well we could go toLolly's to see the auction house that Vern goes to.  Really?I want to go to the place where that taxidermist spent all our money that he still hasn't paid back."   Two  can play that game.  As you recall, we are already going to stop and see alot of his friends.  Im thinking we can sto at all the flea markets and thrift stores-and I mean ALL-we pass as we are driving.  Yeah, I know.  That won't fly but I sure as hell can try.

Peace and love.  So far at least.


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Some times...I think you are pulling my leg.
Hunter loaning someone all that money for efffin stuffed bear. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Doesn't get paid back and he's still friends???
Hunter... can't be for real. :0(
orrrrrrr CAN HE???? ;0)
Head SOUTH my friend...HEAD SOUTH.
It's WE WOMEN who can't be for REAL!

klahanie said...

I'm hoping that you are no longer feeing yucky and have had a invigorating shower. A cup of coffee and then time to greet your adoring fans.
Sometimes it seems like you just go along with situations that are not exactly what will make you sing like a "shiny, happy people"...
Up to 60 degrees and then maybe up to 70 degrees. Wow, that's hot! Oops, you meant in Fahrenheit.
Peace be with you, my friend.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Hope I didn't come off as judgemental.
I've done some CRAZY SHIT in the name of love...myself!
We all dance to a different drummer.'s taken me how long to find I have " a voice???"
This isn't your "first Hay Ride" either. (((hugs)))Pat

Ms. A said...

Looks different around here!