Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It is so windy.....

that it could blow the red right off  Marilyn Monroe's lips!
MS. A. - I did call the hell out of the doctor's office and they finally got back to me late evening.  I had to call the other hospital where I'd had the first scan in the summer of 2010.  I will wait for a call from radiology when they have the records ready for pick up.  Then I can try to get in to see the doctor on Friday.  Again with the hoops.  Do these people send me a paycheck for doing what I consider to be their job?
COFFEY - Still no comments from you.  If you want to break up with me, why don't you just text me!
And JOEL - If you are still reading me, I would especially like your input on the following:

Hey all y'all.  This is a stand alone question.  I will follow up on this soon.  Please respond if you are able.
***Have you ever replaced an existing fluorescent light fixture?  If so, how long did it take you?***

Speaking of adorable kids saying the cutest little boy asked me a question the other day.  He asked, "Why is the moon still smiling?"  I had noticed myself that it was like a normal crescent moon except that it was cupped like a salad bowl.  Know what I mean?  Is that something new?  Not like this;    (     but like this; U..sort of.  Is that normal?  Did that happen when they decided to make Pluto a non-planet?  Oh yeah.  Did I tell you my son is 35 years old?  He's still cute.  We have a very similar sense of humor.  I keep getting a tiny pop-up saying composition editor.  WTH is that?  And it does things it wants to like change colors and make things bold.  (I did the above colors and bold stuff and deleted the crap that the editor devil did.)
Going to read some posts now.  Muah!


Ms. A said...

I thought hospitals had couriers to do stuff like that? Hmmmm, you can tell I don't have much experience in that department. I just know I have to call my doctor's office to get on a waiting list for a call back to hear results. One thing about doing it yourself, at least you know it's done and the ball is in their court!

Batten down yer hatches and don't get blown away!

On My Soapbox said...

It's windy (and a little snowy) here, too! Guess it's just that time of year for storms to blow through. Hang on to your hat! Oh, and the records you have to get from one doctor to the other. Hate that sort of errand....

Mrs. Hall said...

not sure which used . . . dog comment I made but thanks for visiting Mrs. Hall :)

Furry Bottoms said...

Whoa, Nelly! I get the composition thingamajiggy too, it just started yesterday.

Blogger is making me very unhappy at the moment. None of my new posts are going in google reader. I feel so lonesome and lost without my commentors!