Sunday, February 26, 2012

I need help with my, I mean my lap. Damn! I mean my laptop!

.  It's new.  I'm old.  It's that the red light on/off  on front of closed computer.  When closed, it blinks slowly.  Now as I'm using it, 2 green lights are on-green is good-but the red light is now yellow orange and blinking  like a dog that's been skunked!  You  guys gotta help me.  Hunter had me so worked up that I literally cried all through church and finally left after the I  guess it really isn't fair to play the  crying card but it is true.  Ok.  How about this, I took 4 Xanax today.  I usually take 2 and once in awhile 3.  Bad day.  Hunter isn't letting me bring much like books and stuff i already have.  I said, "Fine, I'll just buy what I need as we go.  He was fine with that.  It's gonna be his trip and he needs room in the truck for his hunting stuff and to haul some of his buddies stuff.  But Oooooo, he's"letting me come along.
Enough. I just need help with the light.  Thanks!


Ms. A said...

What kind of laptop? Could be the battery. Let me know what kind it is and I can probably tell you what's going on.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

My laptop has no outside light.
:0( Sorry.
Hoping.... Ms.A will have the answer for you.
YOU my friend, sound so much like mmyself through the years. It didn't get better, I just got "MORE BITTER".
Who knows....what makes us do what we the name of love??????????????????
IS...going on this trip....worth it????? The friends more important than yours??????? Let the friend ride with him too and stay home with us! (((hugs)))Pat