Saturday, February 4, 2012

Home on the range and sex can be harmful.

SOAPBOX - You are right.  I have to not let him steal or cover or change who I am.  And I am fully aware that this is my doing.  It is I who allows me to feel this way.  Every one's comments on my last post were helpful in that you understand my need to vent.  I do not need to leave.  I have everything I need/want as far as material things.  I do have love.  It's just that I never know when or where it will show up. I can overlook the ripped and torn up house.  I can overlook the clutter.  I am sure it exacerbates my depression but there again, it is me allowing it to bother me.  It's a matter of deciding what is important and what isn't.
                                          Oh sorry!  You wanted to hear about SEX!
I am responsible for at least 2 injuries if not more.  I made my 2nd husband get permission from his cardiologist saying it was ok to have sex.  He'd had a few heart attacks and double bypass surgery before I met him.  Damned if he didn't come back with a prescription from the doctor saying it was fine.  He had several trips to the hospital for minor heart attacks and such.  Almost 4 years into our marriage, we were doing the Wild Thing and he had a heart attack.  Love answering the paramedic's question about what he was doing when this occurred.
Moving on to current husband.   One time I/he either sprained or broke a vein in his magic wand.  Had to go to the doctor and all.  Think I should come with a warning label?  I'd like to see them even try to pull me off the shelves!!!

Hunter installed a new range hood yesterday and he was able to do most of it by himself.  I was so proud of him.  He's making a duck on the grill - no, not one he shot.  I will have chicken, thank-you.  I like my men wild and my game tame.

On that note, I will get back to working in the office at home here.  Trying to gather up some tax stuff.  Have a peaceful weekend!


ancient one said...

oh no... I need to gather all that tax stuff too.. thanks for the reminder!

Ms. A said...

I will gather by this post, you have decided to just tolerate behavior you don't like, and vent here when things don't change. That's fine, I'll be here.

Coffeypot said...

I think slapping bellies good enough to cause a heartache, then it would be a good way to go. Like you know the difference in a woman and a coffin? You come in one and go in the other.

On My Soapbox said...

Now that's more like it! You have a good sense of humor and are apparently dangerous in bed, too. ;-) Oh, and thumbs up to Coffeypot for a great bad joke!

busana muslim said...
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Gnetch said...

Oh wow. You definitely should come with a warning sign!

Oh and this Busana Muslim commenter has been spamming my blog too.

Anonymous said...

Damn girl!