Saturday, February 11, 2012

Designated Driver

Enough snow to cover the ground.  Plenty of sunshine.  High of 16 degrees.  -1 windchill.
Have birthday party at hunt club to go to.  No thanks.  Brrr.  Sylvia borrows cigs and now that I am on an allowance, I can't afford to do that and I shouldn't have to anyway.  Crawdads.  Yuk.  No.  I lied.  Make that double yuk.  Told Hunter I wasn't going and he played the anti-social card.  It's people that I don't know.  He talks to everyone and that's wonderful but that isn't me.  He got mad at me even though I told him yesterday that I wasn't sure I was going.  So I thought about it and later said to him that I would go if he was looking for me to drive him home-in case he drank too much.   He said that was what he was looking for.  So, gotta give him points for honesty.  Yeah, I am going.  Whatever.  He's been good with me this past week with my sullen depression so I guess I owe him.  Think anyone will be offended if I bring a sack lunch so I will have normal food to eat? 
Hunter mentioned going to the grocery store after church tomorrow.  I reminded him that we need to eat what we have since we are going to be gone for about 5 weeks.  So we aren't going.  We will however be having lunch with his son and his girlfriend tomorrow.  They are leaving for Italy in a couple days.  I think this will be tough for Aaron because it is a long flight and he's never been abroad.  They'll be ok because his girlfriend backpacked across Europe for two years and she knows the ropes.
I am not looking forward to our trip-and I use the term "our" loosely.  We will be traveling around to visit several of his friends who are staying in different places in Florida.  He has also invited another friend, his daughter and mom to stay with us at our rental for a few days.  I suppose I am being brought on this trip only to help drive and to entertain.
Yes, I am whining.  Yes, I complain about everything.  Yes, I need to be assertive.  Yes, I am stupid and cause my own problems.
But I complain none-the-less.
I'm sure I will have an ok time.
Maybe my Thyroid scan will show a problem that leads to surgery and then I won't have to go on this trip.  How sick is that?
I dream at least 3-4 nights a week about my first husband cheating on me and as horrible as that makes me feel, I end up trying to help him in his relationship with said girlfriend.  There are always many other dreams every night.  It's no wonder I am always tired.
So,...have a great weekend.  I will try to do the same.


Coffeypot said...

Take your bag lunch and tell everyone to suck it. Also tell them you are there as a designated driver only...not to visit them. Hell, drop him off and go back and pick him up...or have one of this wonderful friends pick him up and drop him off. Or do what ever you want to.

Ms. A said...

I agree with Coffeypot, have one of the social butterflies friends pick him up and drop him off. Or, do they have designated drivers, too?

AND, take whatever you want, if you are stuck going!

Kristy said...

Don't feel bad about having to vent. Everyone needs to vent just not to blow up.

Rob-bear said...

Sorry you're facing so any challenges. Life is a non-fun event, sometimes.

Red Shoes said...

Venting is ok... not venting means the stuff builds up... and then reall problems can arise.

I would think spending five weeks in Florida wouldn't be a bad thing...

I am sorry about your bouts of depression. Been there, have done that, and still seem to make weekend trips there...



KittyCat said...

I hope you had a good weekend. And there's
nothing wrong with complaining now and again.