Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Just let me sleep

No sun.  No snow.  No energy.  Don't want to go.
Just want to sleep.  No, don't make a peep
Wrapped up in my dreams even weird ones at times.,
are better than wakefulness. 
I'm tired for no reason.  It's stupid, I know.
Worse yet to think it'd be cured by some snow.
I know one day soon I will wake full of joy
but those days don't come often or stay very long.
I'm sure it's my fault that I feel this way.
Do you see me ever taking steps to feel better.
Overwhelmed is the best word but on a much smaller scale.
Not angry.  Not sad.  Not even depressed.
Just stay in my jammies and never get dressed.
No sun. No snow.  No energy.  Don't want to go.


Red Shoes said...

To me, the days after Christmas are Happy Jammie Pants days...

These arethe days when all I want or need to do is emotionally break-even...


The Bipolar Diva said...

Let's not do anything together.

Coffeypot said...

The more I lie in bed the more I want to stay there. I have to force myself to get up. But that is okay because I go pee. Then I say that's enough exercise for one day and go back to bed.

Unknown said...

The word fault is a harsh word to use on ones self.

Be good to you.

Sairs said...

Some of the days, I wished I could have stayed in bed, but it's too hot to do that here! I think staying in your PJs is a good idea :)

Ms. A said...

I finally had to get out of my pajamas today, but I'm back in them and that's where I plan to stay for a while! I'm so glad all the hubbub of Christmas is over!

Kristy said...

We had a green x-mas which is very weird for where I live. It started to snow the other night and it keeps snowing. I love it because the snow takes the bleak dead landscape and makes my bleak mood better. I think it is the light that makes me feel better. I hope you get your snow.

Kitty Moore said...

'Now deep in my bed I turn,
And the world turns on the other side'


ancient one said...

Yesterday was the memorial service for my BIL.. today the decorations come down.. life moves on...