Monday, November 7, 2011

The WOW factor.

Re: shopping.
Well.  It's  apparently OK.  My therapist said so.  (truth)  I asked her about it at my last appt. and she said that because I do not have trouble getting rid of things and am not causing harm to family finances, it is fine.  I shop thrift shops now because of the hunt.  I do pay cash and we pay off our credit cards every month.
Enough about are you guys doin'?  Is this nationwide emergency test going to wipe out my tv and cable and stuff?  Snow anyone??  If so, I am jealous.  I was busy all week and am very tired now.  I had to set my alarm clock everyday and  I am not used to doing that since I quit working.  Saturday I took my daughter and grand daughter to Whitewater, WI.-the university-for a french horn festival.  Long day.  Then I somehow set my alarm clock wrong-the time change-and the alarm went off and I flew downstairs only to discover it was 4am!  I couldn't stay up having only had 3-4 hours sleep.  So back to bed and either the alarm never went off or I slept through it.  I woke up an hour or so later than I had planned.  Thought about going back to bed for the day but sucked it up and went to the flea market.  I hadn't gone in probably over a year.  It was chilly and breezy-so much so that I didn't even get a funnel cake for fear that I would be blinded by powdered sugar.  Had a great time.  Had a vision while I was there.  SHINEY THINGS!  Sequined UGGS.  I reached out my hands and touched them.  They were real!  Boy was I pissed.  I left my bundles of cash in my other purse. I would have bought a pair in each color.  Are UGGS ugly?  Of course they are.  Do I give a shit what others think?  No.  Walk a mile in my shoes and you will be a believer.


Ms. A said...

I wish I still enjoyed shopping. Heck, I wish I still enjoyed something, anything.

The Bipolar Diva said...

now I'm going to be dreaming about funnel cakes....I LOVE the things!

Wanda's Wings said...

Wow shopping fun. I am manic right now what can I say?

sequin uggs said...

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ancient one said...

I enjoy window shopping, and just looking around in stores.. I usually only buy what I need.. already have too much "stuff"..

No snow here. And I really don't want any.. had way too much last winter.

I always thought Uggs were cute.

Rob-bear said...

We've got snow in River City. Since then, temperatures have been consistently below freezing. Fresh, invigorating weather. (Or something like that.)