Friday, October 21, 2011

I only came to watch.

I felt good this morning and had plans to do stuff here at home with Hunter but he was going over to a friends-nearby- to make egg rolls.  I kinda knew about that.  Then he called and asked me to come over and watch to see how they do it.  So I walked over there and watched for a bit. Then when Hunter went outside to be with the guys for awhile, I decided to take his place rolling the egg rolls.  Was kind of fun. I'd done them before with my Filipino friend. Her's are the ultimate!!!!  After awhile I came home and laid down cuz my back was hurting from leaning over.  My neck's been bad for a couple weeks anyway so I took a 3 hour cruise nap,  (Oh Skipper, am I giving away my age?)
Hunter went back there for a couple beers and then he came home and made supper.  How lucky am I?  Tomorrow our other friend will come over to trim out more of the windows That we installed.  I am hoping to get some hoarder stuff in the living room hoarder cleaned up.  Do yo guys hear that?  Someone is whispering that I am a hoarder.  I am not.  I am a collector.  I know my stuff.  I get valuable stuff.  I get things we need like;  dishes, red and green pipe cleaners? really?, books like you don't have enough already.  clothes that I you have no room for. Christmas dishes, c'mon, you know you won't be having Christmas here.  OK!  Someone very rude has taken over this keyboard and is writing nasty things about me so I am done.


Ms. A said...

Yeah, I'm a collector too. I don't do it anymore, but I also don't get rid of the things I have already collected, either. My daughter has promised to donate my collection to the garbage man, when I die. Good girl!

Rob-bear said...

Oh dear. You poor woman. Your evil twin sister has taken over your computer. And is writing such nasty things.
Well, cheer up. Soon it will be Christmas, and you'll party like a pack of reindeer.
Hope your back and neck are better.
Did you get to sample any of the delicious egg rolls?

Unknown said...

Ginger or Mary Ann?

ancient one said...

Hope your neck/back feel better soon. I'm a collector too. I need my evil sister to come help me decide what needs to go... ;)

Coffeypot said...
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Coffeypot said...

I'm not a horder. I'm a throwitawayer. There will be something sitting on the table for weeks, so I chunk it. THEN Judy walks in and asks, "Have you seen so-and-so? I thought it was right here and I need it to save someone’s life or change the world or something." I say, "Yeah! I threw it away about a week ago." That's when the fight starts...and one of the reasons the world is in such bad shape.