Friday, July 1, 2011

A submissive wife.

Really ?  WAIT!  My post is jumping all around and stuff!  How scary fun is that?  I a not responsible for any weird spelling or lack of letters or spaces that don't space.  Ok.  So I did go back and correct it all.  Next time I go to a ballgame,  I will go play with Meadow.   The Hunter woke me up to ask me what time I was getting up.  Yeah. I bet you guys get that all the time.  So, of course I came downstairs just as he was leaving.  I started to say something but he was being a dick least he left me a note telling me what to do while he'd be gone.  He's good like that.  If he didn't let me know what to do, I would just probably be going in circles and walking into walls.  "Bet 'cha glad your husband is not like mine!"*to be sung.*   And when I said my post was jumping around, I mean it literally.  So I had all this running around to do today an planned on staying inside and doing fun stuff.  Oh hell no.  The window guy is coming again and you know what that means. First of all....I will have to put on clothes before I come downstairs. Then I will again be that apprentice. Fuck. Oooo...can I say that? 
My ooriginal post was going to be about how it is impossible to be a "good" wife.  Actually, I AM a good wife.  I haven't killed him yet, right?   Enough.  I am totally frustrated with this computer.


Ms. A said...

He should consider himself twice blessed. First, he found someone to order around. Second, YOU HAVEN'T KILLED HIM YET! Yep, he's a lucky man.

Have a wonderful weekend, if you can!

Unknown said...

...aaaaand that last sentence... what a twist!

Just in case he doesn't say it, I will. Thank you for being such an awesome wife.

Snowbrush said...

"I haven't killed him yet, right?"

Are you in doubt? Ha.

Dazee Dreamer said...

wow. what a nice hubby to leave you a "what do do list". NOT.

Give him one in return. :)