Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Y I'm lawn mowerig now. WTF? No I'm not, liar.

Cuz 1st of all, the sun isn't tan enough and I am wearing little clothes for nothing. But n...first is cuZ I PLANNED TO do it it (oh really?) what's with the capital lettes there? My planning isn't inportant enough to capital it and when I do on purpose,I am not yelling whatever etquite says. And I ain't usin spell- o -roony cuz it's stoodip. right Because I wasn't gonna shave the lawn till 2morow cuz of the storm we didn't get. Too bad so sad. And but I dd weed and nt done but The Hunter alnost cut my fingeroff with the pruning shears while he dut up my lilacbushbut not really cut up. he wax just cutting off floers cuz i was goona do it and he readsmy lists and that's why I journal here cuz he'r a nosy fucker. Belle wants to go for a walk and I can't cuz I will ti-pover probably. I had to test The Hunters derinks to be sure they were safe and I wa tirsty from weeing and swetting and soit was good and i didn't eat cuz I forgeot but yes I dsid cuz rememememevber, I ha that turkey sandwich. Yeah, you musta forgoten;/ If I mow now will I cut my foot of or jest a toe.?/ I tought He was gonna cut my finger off when I was trying to show him where to cut off the flowers. or did I alrady tell you that. See how fast Itype shen I want t? LOL=little olk lady. And omg is Ogle my gorgeuouoseness.


Ms. A said...

Tested quite a few drinks, did ya? Sounds like it might be nap time.

Coffeypot said...

Two things...one, send pictures of you in your little clothes and two, send pictures of your drunk ass in little clothes...before you pass out.

ancient one said...

you are the funniest blog I've ever read.