Monday, May 30, 2011

The Winds Of Warm 90 degrees out today. I know that's nothing to many of you. But here in Illinois, we used to get a little thing we liked to call Spring. And as in recent years....we have gone directly from Winter to Summer. My plants don't know what to do. They have begun yellowing at the bottom from all the rain. I know they will survive. Me? Not so sure. Remember me complaining about the cold? (Yeah, I know, I complain about everything). Well, I'm melting. Just got done cutting The Hunter' hair and grabbed a shower before he did. He had run out to roll up his truck windows and OPPS! he did it again. Had left the key in the ignition on in whatever the position is that you use to open or close your windows without turning on the truck. It's auxillary but since spell check isn't very bright and I don't know how to spell either, I am not going to call it that. Battery doesn't feel so good. Turn truck on. CLICK. CLICK. So The Hunter has it on the charger and we shall see.
Daughter having problems with hubby again. It's generally her perception that is askew. It only took me two or three texts to "fix" her this time. Yay me! I have thought on occasion that I want to be a therapist. 'Course I wanted to be a figure skater and then a singer so.......I guess I will have to settle for being a professional bride.


Ms. A said...

I loathe the heat and we've been melting here. Thank goodness for AC. My battery is dead, too, my mental battery. Certainly not from leaving the ignition switch on. I lost the key, years ago.

Coffeypot said...

And you cut his hair, too???? Damn! Now if you shaved him, too, with a straight razor...and you happen to sneeze...never mind.