Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fingerless Gloves

Brrrr! I need to put a thermometer up here cuz I swear it's about 40 degrees. I actually was trying to find my fingerless gloves to wear! It is cold and wet and blustery out. I guess the wind gets in through the old weatherstripless (new word folks) windows and whips around the house. The Hunter is napping right now. It is the perfect weather for that. I was going to make stir-fry for dinner but since he didn't go get the things I needed - like he said he would - I will suggest he have popcorn for dinner. This is something he's done several times before. I'll just have whatever. Ok. I probably have spaghettios with franks. So? I like them, alright? The Hunter got home Sunday night. You know what that means. Yeah, I'm either up here or downstairs in the recliner watching TV. He shows up standing at mou,..um, eye level and....Boom-Boom time is here. That night he even brought me the little black nightie he wanted me to wear. How considerate.
Not much else going on. I am trying to catch up on reading posts here. Haven't made any plans for Easter. We will probably go to church Thurs., Fri. and Sunday. Then make a ham dinner for the two of us. Hope you all have a Blessed Easter.
I did drop off a birthday gift for Cain. Since his birthday fell before Easter this year, I made him up a basket full of those plastic eggs. Some contained candy, some coins, some empty and some with bills in them. He was with his girlfriend that evening, but I never got a thank-you from him. That's unusual. Oh well. "That's the way the story always goes...."


Unknown said...

Sorry for the lack of a thank you. Just know that 'thank yous' or not, you are appreciated.

So tell us more about this black nightie... =p

klahanie said...

Seems like it's still pretty darn cold where you live. I'm assuming the temperature you note is in fahrenheit :)
You know, you bring back some memories of when I lived in North America. 'Oh Oh Spaghettios...'
I do so hope that you and your loved ones have a most peaceful and positive Easter. I wont mention that the temperature here today in lil' ol England was 77 degrees fahrenheit. Then again, it probably wont last.
Take good care.
In kindness, Gary :)

Cheeseboy said...

That basket sounds way better than what we get our kids, which is basically nothing. Have a nice Easter!

Dazee Dreamer said...

I sometimes don't get a lot of thanks from my kids either. That is just sucky.

man, The Hunter wanted sex while you were reading blogs? How dare he!!! :)

Anonymous said...

What? Black nighty and no photos?? LOL!

I got something sexy and black too... hehehe!!

Ms. A said...

Kids! Ya gotta love 'em, cuz ya can't shoot 'em!

Jenner said...

It's still miserably cold here, too. At least the Hunter has returned to keep you warm!

Kristy said...

What is up with the weather? It has turned cold here also and has snowed.