Friday, March 25, 2011

Who to believe?

I went out to my daughter's yest. She went to work yest. but ended up in the ER (where she works.) Tooth pain and emotional. They did have a social worker see her. Most everything the social worker told her elicited a response from her that "yeah, that's what my mom said.."
After being there and having a private conversation with son-in-law, and then seeing my daughter after she woke up,.....well,.I can see he's doing whatever he can. It is up to my daughter to start heeding some of the advice she receives. She is too inside herself. It comes off as selfishness but it isn't. I know there are those of you who understand this. It seems as though she is the only one who will be able to help herself. I may see if they'd be open to having a discussion with me as moderator. I can be impartial (promise) and would mainly help them stay on topic and also see the other's viewpoint. To have them realize what they need from each other and how to appreciate what they have.

Enough of that. Spent hours and hours in the truck with The Hunter as we traveled. All was well until we were on the last day coming home. He was like the horse that speeds up when he sees the barn. Today he is talking too much. I am in the middle of things and he keeps interrupting and stuff. Augh!

I did pick up a new coffee maker last night. Yeah! It's one of my four life-lines. Coffee, cigs, chocolate and blogville. The Hunter is having fish tonight and I will make wild rice soup. I don't eat fish so I don't cook it. Yuk and Double Yuk. Buuuuuutttttt, I do like shrimp and crab and scallops and tuna (as in-from a can). If you present a tuna noodle casserole in front of me, I will either puke or you'll be wearing it on top of your head, dripping down your face.

The trip was great with the exception of the busyness of the grandkids there. They are waaaay over scheduled. It's not that we can't keep up with them as much as it is their running from pillar to post, never stopping to take a breath. In fact, our 11-year-old grand daughter had a breakdown of some kind the morning after their last performance of Willy Wonka. (See below for the story on my being accused of child abuse.) She had gotten up the next morning, and rushed into her homework as if her life depended on it. She puts too much pressure on herself, very much like her mom who has OCD. Severe OCD. It's just sad.
But we did get a chance to go to the ocean and found a beach that allows dogs - on leashes. We were thrilled! Belle? Not so much. What a pussy. And she's usually the playground bully. I walked her to the edge of the water-tide coming in-and she'd run. Finally, she figured out that maybe if she bit at the thin line of foam, it would stop? I rolled up my jeans and waded in. The waves frightened her into running for shore. I brought her in deeper. Then again. She'd follow The Hunter or me into the bowels of hell but I decided not to put her through anymore. We'd gone in deep enough that I was soaked all the way up to the promised land.

On the 2nd and final night of the play, it had come to the part where the guy selling candy-including Willy Wonka Bars (am I the only one who giggles when I write Willy?) -was doing his thing. There was a boy who was hanging out right where this performer had to be. I blocked his way and still he didn't get the message. The spotlight was on "us", actually the "candy man" and still this kid was right in the way. I again tried to block him and the poor candy cart kid could barely maneuver the cart so I gently took hold of his arm and held him back out of the way. At intermission, a young Yul Gibbons (the guy on TV who ate berries in the Forest) came up to me and said his son was hysterical because of what I did and that it bordered on child abuse. #1-The kid wasn't upset in the least and 2- Why didn't the parents notice the situation and remedy it? I explained what had occurred and the guy gently kept on saying the same things over and over so I ducked out of the discussion and let The Hunter, and the daughter-in-law (who is a teacher at the school) and her husband take over. It wasn't the place for me to go all postal on his ass not that I would have. Idiot parents.

But compared to the two trips we took last year, this was awesome. Thanks for waiting for me to get back. I need to read some posts now. Kisses!


suz said...

"Wonka" is funnier.
Interesting post, so much going on!

Unknown said...

note to self
no tuna

Dazee Dreamer said...

damn. I was just putting that tuna casserole in the package with the dry ice to get it to you still fresh.

you know, some parents are clueless about their kids. at least you were trying to help.


You are so much like me!! I laugh my damn head off when I see, hear, or write Willy! I have an uncle willy I call WANGALOT lol ....He can't stand me lol

Jenner said...

Maybe if the kid's parents had been watching him, you wouldn't have had to gently discipline him yourself! Sheesh!!

Coffeypot said...

I would have gone postal on his ass. If he taught his kid how to act in public....fuck it. I would have jus hit him. Talking would waist time.

Ducky said...

*laughing at coffey*

The longer I work at the elementary school the more I believe in duct tape...justsayin.

I'm all for letting kids be kids. Being involved is good but what happened to bike riding and neighborhood playing?

Wonka makes me giggle just as much....

Anonymous said...

missed you