Sunday, October 3, 2010

Guess I'm Safe.

I have not heard from the Royals so I assume all is well. Spent the afternoon in bed. No, I wasn't being fed grapes. Something else entirely. Now I'm even more tired.
It's Belle's 8th birthday. She is already getting gray on her paws and around her mouth. I hate to think of her aging. She is my husbands shadow. Oh,..she loves me to death too but only when he's not around. I honestly feel guilty that I didn't buy her anything. How weird is that?
Daughter wants me to check with my lawyer to see if there is any legal recourse for my SIL regarding his false positive drug test. I think if it is a private company, he may be out of luck. So does he quit the zantac and just die of a bleeding ulcer while trying to get a job? Just pisses me off. I get that people often bring trouble on themselves but this shit keeps happening to both my kids over and over again. Get one disaster taken care of and BOOM - there's the next one! I am looking forward to Friday. My granddaughter Meadow (age 10) will be performing a cheer leading routine during half-time at the high school football game. Too fun! Takes very little to make me happy. Ex. - The guy who draws my blood then draws a happy face on my band aid. Seeing hot air balloons. Clouds. A squirrel doing a flip. The look in my dogs eyes. When my husband pats my head in the morning. A song on the radio. The sound of my son's voice when he says,..."Hello MOther." Ah, you'd have to hear it to know what I mean. Wishing you all a joyful week! Kisses.


Just Plain Tired said...

Kids are both a joy and a heartbreak often intertwined. I'm just glad that my two kids alternate this so it's only one thing to deal with at a time. :)

Jimmy said...

"Takes very little to make me happy"

Nothing wrong with that, it's sad that out pets ages so fast and we see the troubles our kids go through over and over, but when that pet licks your face or that grandbaby gives a cheer for a crowd and you get to see it just makes a lot of other troubles disappear for a moment.

A squirrel flip you just have to smile at :)

the walking man said...

Funny thing about shit is one way or the other it happens then passes.

Blogs said...

alright...start posting pics of things you speak of...i wanna see the doggy:) hope she don't age too fast...:(

i really hope things get better with the sucks when things do start looking up and then all shit breaks loose...effed up and i can totally hugs and kisses babe!

i'm glad you get to go see her cheer! that's something that i get all teary eyed about...watching the kids that make your heart melt...:) have a nice week doll! xoxo

KittyCat said...

Love the fall leaves!

I agree post some photos.
Love to see who your talkin about.

Linda Medrano said...

You are a good person. It takes very little to piss me off. Barking dogs, yowling cats in the night, cashiers who give you dirty looks, being out of gin and/or tonic water. Things like that.

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

I love this post. I love hearing what makes other people happy. :)