Friday, August 27, 2010

Turqouise and temperament

JOE - My car is not blue. I have never had a blue car. (A chevette doesn't count, right - I mean, that wasn't really a car.) My kitchen is a hot mess! Old wallpaper - the kind that looks like old newspaper ads for tonics and liniments. Then there's old paneling, part of which is falling away from the wall due to excessive moisture from when the roof leaked forever. Then there's the huge old floor to ceiling, door to door pantry. "white" paint on a couple walls. Then there's 40 year old (No shit!) indoor/outdoor carpeting on the floor, sort of. And I thought I'd try the old chrome and vinyl dining set. I wanted red, would have settled for yellow and ended up with turquoise because it was on clearance. If you've been reading me - you know my husband controls the $$. The dinette set is crap now. Ah - I need to blog to everyone now. But no, blue anywhere.

I spent the whole day working on my car. I need to have more sex cuz my muscles are getting out of shape. My everything aches! We shall see if I get my "paycheck." And I expect my regular "Here's some money for when I am gone." And if I don't get it, I will get it on my own. I hate this!!!! Sounds like I'm fucking 9 years old! Chuck is leaving Sunday for about 3 weeks and he is acting out as he always does when he goes on a trip. My therapist says he has anxiety. I say he has assholeness. I almost got teary eyed but checked myself and did a little humming and went about my business.

There's a BBQ at the hunt club but I am not going. Chuck can go with the son he's giving all our money too. That way, if they're alone, they can talk about a way to get my house and my IRA's too. HA! I will bake for his trip. Now what is that ingredient I can use that doesn't leave a trace,....Opps. Sorry. Don't I have an exciting life?

Thanks for being there for me. One day I will have to start blogging a bunch of bullshit that isn't true, but I'll make it sound as if it is so everyone will go "WOW!"
Or,....I just keep being who I am and since that's good enough for me (and God) it will have to be good enough for anyone that stumbles across my blog. Peace.
PS - I wonder if the flavor of these posts will sweeten once I am on my own and no one is here to criticize, ignore or tell me what to do?!


Unknown said... I like that word. You crack me up even if you don't mean to be funny. I think my aunt had that wallpaper and I freaking loved it. I think you will be able to enjoy the free time while whatever his name is is away. You might get some baking done and maybe get his mess of a kitchen cleaned up YOUR WAY since he wont be there to tell you your doing it wrong.

I can sympathize with ya sweetie, I got one of my own. Have a Great Weekend!

the walking man said...

Odd i have the same sort of "relationship" with my old lady except she doesn't take 3 week trips.

Coffeypot said...

Three weeks is a long enough time for you to find a boyfriend who will appreciate you. (I don't care folks - shut it.) You need some attention of your own and since he won't or can't, then go where you can get it. Or just get out. Three weeks is enough time to pack and be gone. Then you can post about being happy, or about your adventures or what ever is on your mind. I’ll read it.

Joe Cap said...

Well, I am just thinking we are all very lucky to have you all to ourselves for 3 weeks. You must keep us up to date on everything.
But really, I do love blue.

Jimmy said...

Now if you just wrote a bunch of BS that wasn't true then it would hardly be worth it huh, keep writing what you feel because the truth when written down may not change anything but does help you deal with it, besides like you said it's your blog and your friends will be here :)

Cheeseboy said...

Honestly, even with working muscles, can you ever not need MORE sex?

Linda Medrano said...

Baby, find a new man and leave! Or just leave! Or bake up some of those almond scented cookies for his trip.