Saturday, August 28, 2010

Root beer Float

ONREEONE - His name is village idiot.

COFFEYPOT - I should have let the cable guy "tap" me when I had the chance.

JOE - I am wearing blue underwear, just for you!

WALKING MAN - My man will be there at 5:30 AM to pick up your wife. Breathe.

Hey guys!!! We finally did something with our kitchen! It is unique too. We splashed brown all over the place, walls, floors, chairs, table, blinds,...everywhere. I love it. It is so ,...abstract!

Rewind,.....I woke up this morning and almost stepped on 2 thick pieces of glass. Side-stepped that and walked right onto a wet carpet. Picked up the glass. Noticed everything was covered in,...........ROOT BEER! Crap. My husband was gone so I do this whole little scenario in my head about how he spilled it or it exploded and he only cleaned up his side of the table, etc. I wiped down chairs, and everything else I could except the wall. He had made homemade root beer and one bottle exploded. He was at the store when this happened. And he has the balls to ask me what happened, he may have even said, "How'd you drop the bottle?" - though I'm pretty sure that's just the way I "heard" it. Before you put me in the bitch/nag column, you need to understand that I rarely share any of these thoughts out loud. My therapist is working on getting me to express my anger because otherwise I do the depression thing, which is not healthy. So yeah,....he should be leaving in about an hour or so for that BBQ.

I baked those cookies. He said they were good (I think) but then there's always the ,...I don't know what you call it, I just know I don't like it; "Are there any more of these? Did you make 2 batches of both kinds?" No. I only made two of the one kind and one of the other. But I'm just saying that a thank-you would have sufficed.

Tomorrow? FREEDOM!!!!!!!!


Coffeypot said...

Enjoy your three weeks...packing. I really do hope you enjoy your time.

Jimmy said...

Brown abstract walls can be good, if he doesn't do any cleaning of the root beer then in three weeks when he gets back they will look a whole lot better and you can Thank him for the paint job :)

Joe Cap said...

Geeze, that could have been pretty bad. Hope the home brew is worth it.
Blue just for ME?? I am flattered!

the walking man said...

Don't get to stuck on the root beer walls. 3 weeks is a long time. It's 0634 and my ole lady is still here. Tell your old man to drive faster,

Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

We still have cola on the ceiling from several years ago. I wasn't able to get it off. Thankfully, there's only a couple small spots of it. I'll cover them up when I paint the living room again in a year or so. It needs done again. It's been a few years.