Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Like a child who just won't let up!

You know those days when the kids are just, "Mommy, Mommy,Mommy" all day long and you're thinking of sending them to bed for the night at like 5:30???? Well that is how I felt today except that it was Chuck. He'll say something and I will respond and he'll say all this stuff with his last comment being exactly what I said in the 1st place. Kind of like this :
ME - I love this blue crayon!
HIM- It's getting cloudy. Bernie painted a whole room dark red and spilled paint on the carpet too.
ME - Isn't this crayon a pretty color?
HIM - When we were in Montana hunting, I tried to take a picture of Bob's bruise but it didn't turn out.
ME - So, what do you think about this crayon?
HIM - You never do anything! You know, why don't you ever use a blue crayon like Mary does?

Obviously a poor example but there were way too many today to chose from. Is it bad that I am always so happy to have a witness to this nonsense? (We were at Aunt Dor's for her birthday and one of her niece's daughters was there - she takes care of Aunt Dor during the week.) She'd hear the weird things coming out of his mouth and look at me and smile at the idiocy.
On the other hand, Chuck also goes out there every couple weeks to care for her. Today he cooked her favorite foods, Oysters Rockefeller, Lobster Tails, and shrimp and steak for anyone who wanted it. How awesome was that? Money, time, trouble and all his idea. See the goodness? See how I get so emotionally confused?
But, I am fine now. My "baby" is in bed and for the first time in about 4 days, I don't have to set my alarm clock. I CAN SLEEP UNTIL NOON:30!

QUEEN - I've been wearing these damn horseshoes for the past 3 weeks - my feet are bleeding and my luck still hasnpt changed.

VIC - You are right about our relationships with our men. And after I crazy-commented you re: the old cashier post - I kinda had to eat crow. I had my own little "Fucking Cashiers" moment. It had to do with 3 redeem now coupons that my husband forgot to redeem the previous week when he shopped. Naturally, I would never think to bring them back the following week. But he makes me give them to the cashier. In the mean time, I was asking the bagger if he needed more of our bags that we bring. He just kept ignoring me. I finally gave up and asked the cashier to ask him, thinking he was deaf or special or whatever. Nope. He understood and just didn't respond. Anyway, this cashier was from, I don't know where. It took a bit for me to explain about the coupons. Then she said she could take them. Then after I wrote out the check, she checked with the cashier behind her and he said that they accept them but it has to be done at the service desk. I had to void that check because she deducted them. Wrote new check. Went to service desk and that girl (again from God knows where) said sure we can take them. Do you have your receipt? (from last week.) THAT'S when my man finally got involved. He said no but that he'd look for it when he got home. Really? 20 mins. of time for a lousy 95 cents? So yeah, mea culpa! And, I love you more.


Anonymous said...

I've always maintained that husbands are nothing more than grown-up children who's bums you don't have to wipe (til they're senile). And who, btw, should *know* better than to have tantrums, but still do.

When I was married and people asked how many kids I had, I always said "3 plus the husband."

the walking man said...

Funny I pretty much stay quiet around the old lady but anything I do say she responds with "you talk to much."

Joe Cap said...

So what's this obsession you have with blue crayons then? But that's ok, blue is my favorite color...

Linda Medrano said...

Is blue crayon code for something else? Chuck sounds a lot like a man.