Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I even have sweat on my sweat!

Joe - I would be kinda into the idea of being stacked on top of one another like cord wood.

Small Town Girl - Yes, he often falls asleep at the dinner table. In fact, my granddaughter Meadow, came up with a dead-on impression of him which ends with his head nodding down to sleep including the point where the toothpick falls out of his mouth.

I don't live in the south nor do I live in New England but I will complain about the heat anyway. Guess it's more the humidity. I am wearing over-all shorts (think Mr. Green Jeans but with boobs) with only a sports bra underneath. Not the prettiest sight but I give a fuck, right? 'Course I don't want to turn my man on cuz I need to get some sleep one of these nights! What it is about you men and hot sweaty nights that turns you on? I'd sooner do it naked in the snow. Opps! Don't know why mind went there but as you know, I have no control of my thoughts. (or my dreams.) Am trying to get things done upstairs but despite central air, it's still yucky. We truly are spoiled people, aren't we? But I am grateful.

My daughter has had a change of meds and is doing sooooo much better. Praise God. Her husband is in the final stages of getting a job. Only problem is coming up with money to fix the transmission on their vehicle. I hope he will take a taxi of whatever it takes to go to work. Pray for them. Thanks! Peace.


Joe Cap said...

Ha...stacked on top of one another...I caught that after a few minutes.

Ms. A said...

Putting in a good word for job and car repair!