Friday, July 16, 2010

He actually fixed it,...and I helped.

Thanks to all who left comments. I do appreciate it.
Kelly - Your comments were very helpful to me. I too do the depression thing so ADD kind of threw me. But what you said makes sense and fits, too. p.s. - A novel as a comment is always welcome.

So today's episode is "How to repair a stove." Brought to you by the village idiot and his darling, long suffering wife. To be honest, I was actually impressed. Things were taken apart with out the drill or any power tools what-so-ever. There was only one electricians song* and it didn't last too long. While the back of the stove was being dismantled and he was still trying to figure out how to get the part out, I decided to go up and get the manual out of the file. It didn't address our situation exactly but most other issues seemed to indicate that to do anything important, you had to remove the drawer and up from the front. I gently mentioned this and so my advice was taken and it was the way to go. We called our "guy" and he brought us over the replacement part. The oven is working. I'm thinking he did this cuz he's been after me for my famous chocolate chip cookies. Either way, I am thrilled but also exhausted.

Looking forward to a shower and rest. Tomorrow we go to Jessica's Grad. and B-day party. Just learned her name a couple days ago. She is one of my new front porch friends. But I was on the back patio when I first came to meet her. We'd been trying to relax and had been listening (not by choice) to some of that "special" music over in the park. Sounded a little like polka music and yet, it didn't make me want to go to Taco Bell. After a bit I thought I started to hear this beautiful music. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Just one instrument clear and hauntingly beautiful. I went out front and here was this girl walking along the sidewalk, playing her sax. OMG! I was in Heaven. I had to stop her and talk to her and ever since then, we talk if she's walking by or if she's driving and I'm outside, she'll holler, "Hi beautiful or hello gorgeous or even,...I LOVE YOU!" I am really most impressed that a senior in high school would be self-assured enough to just do what she loves with joy and passion and no thought of what others might think. So,..that's whose party we will be going to. Free food which means that once again I don't have to worry about dinner. And if there should be adult beverages, we can imbibe freely and walk/wobble our way home. Cool! Should be fun. Peace.

*the electricians song is a long list of varying swear words put together and uttered at lightening speed.


Joe Cap said...

I love parties that have food and are close enough to home to walk to thus allowing the safe consumption of adult beverages!
Have a great time!

Kimberly said...

You can come fix my stove next! lol
We had lightening strike but it only took out the oven. The burners on top still work, but the oven is dead. Stinkin thing.

Have fun at the party!!

Kelly said...

Good to hear the stove was fixed. It probably helped that you gently made your suggestion to him. I think anybody with ADD has a lot of shit going on in their mind at once. Like a whole circus going on in your head and the noise is so loud, it's hard to hear one single voice... or single idea.

Have fun at the party. Don't do anything I wouldn't do... or something. But then, I'll do anything. lol. Also... That girl with the musical instrument sounds inspirational. Cool that she does her own thing. Stop by the ol' blog sometime, when you're done partying. lol.

Yeah, leaving "novel comments" seems to be my thing these days. lol. And it looks like I'm doing it again. Peace out! I'm done now. :-)

Cheeseboy said...

Way to go girl! Did I just say that?

That is SO cool that she is that self assured. I certainly was not at all that way back in the day.

Shen said...

This is such a wonderful upbeat post. I too am always thrilled when I see a young person who is able to be who they really are without feeling embarassed. I guess it is so far from my personal experience than I am in awe.

I'm glad the stove works!

The Wolf said...

Good to hear the stove was fixed. Sounds likt this party is going to be fun. Now remember don't do anything that I wouldn't that leaves you pretty much open for anything

Gnetch said...

Oooh... party!!! Have fun!

Kate said...

Hi there
can you imagine having to ship those to you for your bday,:))) Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello. I read through some of your older posts and you are a true gal!!!! Look forward to sharing more with you. Have a terrific day.


Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

Had to laugh at the 'electrician's song'. My husband's songbook is quite full at times. ;)

The young lady who is graduating sounds like she'll go far in life. I hope whatever she ends up doing she does with passion!