Thursday, June 17, 2010

Two Days of Sun!

See? The sunshine has pretty much cured me out of my funk. Woohoo! Yes, I know rain is coming again tomorrow but this good feeling could last another day or two, right? Grandson lost his ballgame,...again. At least this time it was to the best team on the league. Man is watching tv and after I eat, I may just join him. Or,...a nap.

Oh,..and I think that discus problem was my computer freaking out. Sometimes I just sit and watch it do it's thing, get it out of it's system. Guess everything/everyone has to act out now and then.


Small Town Girl said...

I love that... "everyone has to act out".

Ms. A said...

We've been having sun and all I can say about that is... "IT'S HOT!!!" (and hot doesn't help my mood one bit)

Linda Medrano said...

I act out all the time! They don't call me "Drama Mama" for nothing! Sun helps my mood too. Not hot, just sunny works like a charm!