Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Now What????? Re: leaving comments

I learned how to leave comments on discus but all of a sudden it seems to have changed. I put in my e-mail address and name and post and it should give me the option to post as guest but, doesn't go any further. I close it and it is there in a box and there's the comment and the option to post AGAIN. It's a never ending circle and I am getting dizzy. Help please.


Ms. A said...

Settle down, take a deep breath and look again. Once you sign up for disqus, you shouldn't need to do it again. Does the person you are leaving a comment for, moderate them? If so, your comment won't show up immediately. It will look like you didn't leave one and there will be a blank comment box. Go back and check "below" the empty box and see if the comments are showing up. Sometimes it's easy to miss them. Subscribing to comments as you leave one, helps to let you know it made it and you can receive a response. Hope that helps.

The Queen said...

I'm having the same problem.. so.. if you have that damn thing.. I tried to comment.. it sucks

Anonymous said...

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