Friday, June 18, 2010

Man, if you only knew how long it took to get here.

We had a couple bad thunderstorms go through and the short power outage caused the computer to mess up and so that was a long ordeal. Then there's all this goggle stuff cuz I decided to set up a personal email acct. Yeesch! By poor blog doesn't know whether to shit or go blind! Anyway, I am here and man is sleeping,which is good cuz he's been edgy today and I can only take so much of that. He notices a part of the porch deck where the paint is coming off and does this little lecture about me doing maintenance etc. I'm like, yup, I'll get right on that! Mind you, it's pouring down rain. The that becomes about how I haven's cleaned the inside of my car,...blah, blah, blah. I mentioned that he said he was getting them detailed which led to my not working (which is because he kept pestering me to quit.) So, yeah,'s been awhile since he's gone off on an ADD rant so I let him. Two seconds later he is ok.
I think I may actually stay up and watch tv for a change. I did get 12 hours sleep last night and my DVR is filling right up since I never seem to have time to watch anything. Peace.

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Ms. A said...

My DVR is quite full, too.