Saturday, June 12, 2010

I lived to tell about it.

Craw fish boil,...... First I will respond to some comments.

EMPRESS - I am also a twisted sister and so I did mean it to be funny.

SHANNON - No one's lap was touched in the making of this dinner. Though one guy got hot juice in his eye.

LYDIA - Almost everyone enjoyed the feast although another girl and I jumped up at the same time when we heard the words - sloppy joe's!

JOANN - Earl Jr. came up from New Orleans so,...yeah. It was done right; live craw fish, 1/2 cobs corn, whole bulbs garlic, small potatoes and whole mushrooms all boiled in huge kettles with Cajun spice from a huge bag. They increased the amount of spice with each new batch boiled. BTW - I'm a Northern girl and we suck heads too. Just not the same one's you do.

So,I am old enough to know better but I thought, a mushroom couldn't hurt me, right? I popped a whole mushroom and it tasted good but before I could put some corn and a potato on my plate, my mouth caught fire and three bottles of water later,.....and this was from the 1st and "mildest" batch. I did put on my big girl panties and try a bite of that disgusting clawed fishie thingie that my man offered me. It was ok but no thanks.

So ya'll should be proud of me for I not only survived cray fish but 6 hours of country music.
"Give that girl a gold star and a fuckin' steak! Peace.


Anne said...

Set me in front of a mess-load of crawfish and I'm a happy camper!!! Let the good times roll!

Ms. A said...

I still say they are too much work. (will eat them if my son peals them, no head sucking involved)

Unknown said...

hmmmm sloppy joes!