Sunday, May 11, 2014

Able to post. Yippee!

I am at my daughter's and therefore able to blog.  Going home tonight. Darn.  She works tomorrow and I have respiratory rehab.  (exercise for an hour.)  I want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to those who have children.
And to those who don't who often mother other children or husbands or friends. It's about loving, caring, worrying and comforting. 

I have begun a new and interesting thing.  I am starting to get anxiety when ever I have to go somewhere.  Not Agoraphobia - I've had that before.  It's more like well......we have 2 weddings, a house warming and a 5 day trip to Georgia coming up and the anxiety is kicking in.  It is not about driving.  I have no anxiety about doctor or dentist appts.  So what's deal?  Makes no sense to me.

I miss all of you.  Hopefully one day soon my husband will get someone in to fix our computer - which I really don't care about - but get my WI-FI hooked up correctly.  Then I can use my laptop to blog.  Yes I know who to call and stuff but I do not have control of the money so.....
But I may just have someone come in when the Hunter is out drinking hunting or fishing for a few days.  You guys know I require very little. I am not high maintanence.  It takes very little to please me.  I am easy.  Well all probably know about the "easy" part.  Ha!

Love and Kisses to all of you.  Know that when I can, I will get back to reading and commenting.

And Happy Mother's Day to my mom who passed away at the age of 43.

I must also acknowledge my dad who was both my mother and my father since I was 17 until his death in 2004.  I have been very blessed.


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

That anxiety thing happens to me too.
NO CLUE as to why!
Not much help, am I! :0(

It would be nice if you could add a Hot Spot thru your phone provider. That costs though. Think it adds $20 to my bill.
It gets us the internet up high in the woods where we camp. :0)

You take care of yourself!
There is only one you!

Spanner said...

I had a spell when I used to get anxious and it started to cause problems. Then I read that the brain can only think of one thing at a time. So I picked a rubbish pop song to hum when I got anxious. It worked after a while. The tune is still there if needed and covers not just the anxious moments.
I'm without a good internet connection during the week when I'm away working and it's a real pain. So I share your frustration particularly as there's usually something funny tucked away in your posts and I'm always wanting to read more.

Be lucky, Spanner x