Friday, September 6, 2013

Some adult content.

Bobble-head dick wins!  Understand....... I was pissed off that day but I posted it and so I will respond.
Hunter is 70 years old.  He has a bad heart of sorts/blood flow and breathing issues.  The little blue pill doesn't work.  B.U.T. he used to be able to hang a wet towel on it so yeah......this has been hard on him too.  Once in a while he tries but it always ends up with me giving him oral sex.  I don't mind but wish we would just start with this cuz we both know that's how it's gonna end up.  I can take care of myself.  But sometimes I long for a nice hard boom-boom, ya know?
Anyway....semi-hard is doable.  But right before I posted about the bobble -head, I found my mouth struggling to keep it in my mouth.  It was slippery and wet and tiny and so was like trying to capture a bobble head in my mouth.  And yes.....he came.  BTW - do not even try to blame me or my techniques.  I had a guy who named his vacuum cleaner after me.

 I never understood why a man would want to have sex or how he can orgasm without having a hard-on.  If anyone wants to answer that (anonymously of course) please feel free to do so.  I can always look it up on line though, right?


Spanner said...

Just like most woman can cum without a cock (yeah I know, most don't WITH a cock. I apologise on behalf of most men for us being clueless in the technique department) most men can cum with just a little stimulation and a lot of wild thoughts bouncing around between their ears.
Sounds like Hunter is going through a tough time dealing with his failing physical and mental virility. Just whisper in his ear that you get turned on just thinking about him. DON'T mention anything about the lack of a stiffy. There just aren't words that make a man feel anything but shit about that.
Ps great post :-)

Outcast said...

This story is quite something to read haha, adult content for sure, interesting post Middle Child, poor Hunter!

Kristy said...

He needs to help you! Not poor Hunter. Poor Middle Child for Hunter not doing the same for her.

klahanie said...

You certainly have given a blow by blow account in your posting.

Um, evidently a dude can orgasm without getting erect. It can be because of certain medications, I've, um been told.

69? Seems more like 34 1/2 in this scenario.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

I would hope that Hunter would reciprocate to satisfy you!!!


bj said...

....just by to say hi....:)
xoxo bj

Spanner said...

After reading the subsequent comments I have to hold my hands up and say sorry. I missed an important part of the post. Your love and care for Hunter.The lady formally known as Female is has it right Hunter needs to get his strength back as he owes you big time :-)
Onwards and upwards Spanner x

Red Shoes said...

re: klahanie... HAR!!!

That age thing is a bitch for men... of course, serious head shit between the ears is as well.


klahanie said...

One moment, please. Apologies for high-jerking, sorry, high-jacking the comment section.

Hey Red Shoes,

Another nine years and I'm gonna' be celebrating sixty nine. How about that. Serious head shit? I smoked some good shit in the past. That may explain things....

Red Shoes said...

klahanie... 69 in 9 years? We may be riding in the same clown car...