Tuesday, December 11, 2012

When Maggie gets "fixed", will she finally stop humping her pillow?

I do have bronchitis and so have a different antibiotic to take along with the first one.  Yeah.....I'm sucking down the yogurt.  Seems I'll live.  Sleep definitely helps!

Found out all I have to make for Christmas Eve at Hunter's "cousin's" house is desserts.  Yay!  I am good at that and can make and freeze ahead of time.  That leaves (who I am guessing will be) Chuck, to have the kitchen to himself to make the turkey -well, he's grilling it- and 2 different kinds of oysters.  Oh.  And rosettes which I don't care for because they turn out soggy.It is best to be out of the house when Chuck is in the kitchen because he puts so much pressure on himself and sometimes messes up.  That leads to him being mad at himself and taking it out on me.

Tomorrow Hunter is going pheasant hunting with one of his friends at the hunt club.  He asked if I'd mind getting up with him in the morning to help him get ready if he needs me too.  I said sure.  I mean, his boots alone must weigh 100 pounds!  Then I can just go back to bed.  I took a long nap this afternoon and I felt much better afterwards.

Maggie Mae gets spayed Friday.  I wonder if I should call the vet and recommend a psych evaluation 1st.  Lets just say that taking her for a walk is like putting a leash on a tornado!  Yeah, I could take a picture but it would turn out to be just a blur.

Getting late here but I want to read some posts.  It's been so long I don't know who died, who had a baby, who got married or who had a sex-change. 


Outcast said...

I'm really keen on the idea of having oysters at Christmas time and I'm glad that you had the job of desserts, I bet you'll do a great job with them Middle Child! Great post, hopefully Maggie's spraying does help her and stop her from being just so manic.

lotta joy said...

It's been my experience that spaying a female doesn't bring along any improvements like spaying a male.

I had a pet rabbit with full house privileges since she was litter trained.

We knew she was a female....until I caught HIM happily humping my dust mop. Again, and again, and again.

Rob-bear said...

I do hope you're much healthier the next time you write. Your problem, Middle Child, is that you are so darned nice, that every sickness that comes to town wants to visit you. Sigh. (Perhaps I have mentioned that before.)

And Chuck, and his cooking, well, let him at it. Except the thought of Oysters turns my stomach.

And as for Maggie Mae, after her surgery she may take after your leg. Or may not. Whatever.

Blessings and Bear hugs, from the Bear who cannot hibernate. (It's complicated; really, it is.)

klahanie said...

Hey middle child,

Apologies for um not 'thrilling' you with one of my 'must read' comments, for quite some time.

Hope you are feeling better and all works out okay with Maggie Mae.

Don't bother with my site. I died, had a baby, got married and had a sex change. Other than that, things about the same. With that, I'm outta' here...

Anonymous said...
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Pearl said...

I had a baby AND I had a sex change.

It's been a full week.

Hope you feel better soon. Bronchitis stinks.