Sunday, November 18, 2012

I love a good quickie!

Even less time to get ready and totally my fault for being a lazy ass.  Jer called and asked what I thought about putting Simon down.  It is time.  I had always said I would do it because it is too difficult for many people to handle and I totally understand.  Simon really bloated out, more than double his size in a week.  Literally a week.  He is old, blind and has itched and cried since they got him.  So......I will again be going to my daughter's tomorrow to go to the vet with her.  I will go in the little room and hold him.
Opps.  Did I mention that Jer is my daughter's husband and is working several states away and is gone 6 weeks at a time?  And.......Simon is a dog. 
Is it really 4:30?  Shit.
At least I made it to church and figured out our new printer so I could copy my itinerary and do the mapquest thing even though Dan, my ex who is taking me to the airport, had a GPS.  Ya never know.
Btw, the evil sister story?  You don't even know one fifth of it.


Outcast said...

So sorry to hear about Simon I really am Middle Child, hopefully it goes okay, I guess when it's your time it's your time. Good luck with everything.

klahanie said...

I really am saddened to hear about Simon. I know how much a dog is in our lives. Not a pet, but a treasured family member.

All the best on your journey and try to focus on the positive road :)

Susan said...

Good luck going with Simon, Middle Child.

I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and commenting, too. Always nice when you stop by. susan

The Bipolar Diva said...

That's sad about Simon, I'm sorry,
You've got me to wondering about the rest of the sister story.

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Someone in my family just went through this. Samantha was born 12-25-99 and was euthanized 11-17-12.
She was my nephews "best friend."
RIP Sammi and Simon. to your sis....knowing you on the inside as I do, you haven't got over this loss ( even though she is still here on this earth ) and sad to say, she will never change and gives you less thought than you do her. Some people are just " THIS WAY. "
While I don't know"the history", I do feel that you should never allow her the power to do you more harm m/f. You can't fix STUPID!

Anonymous said...

I fear the day my 15 year old Pom starts to fail in health. I am so sorry for your loss. Our animals are a part of our families...sometimes they are the best part of the family.

Just Be Real said...

Happy Thanksgiving MC. Blessings.

Rob-bear said...

Sorry to learn of Simon's problems. Glad you could care for him to the end.

Happy Thanksgiving. As your do your feasting stuff, I'll be starting my hibernation.

Looking forward to seeing you in the spring. Blessings and Bear hugs.