Friday, May 18, 2012

Catching a Lamprey EEL.

Did I spell any of that right?   Hunter went fishing again.  He told me about a fish that he caught with an eel attached to it.  New to me!  He showed it to me as I was coming back out to the garage with another cup of coffee and he was going to get his pillows out of the truck.  Ewwww!  Waaaay  too many tiny sharp teeth.
Saw the doctor today and in my quest for more medical bills....he wants me to go back in for another sleep study.  I know I need one.  I guess I do.  I sleep weird hours and could sleep anytime, anywhere  with anyone.  It is my own stupidity that keeps me from doing so.  I stayed up waaay too late last night for absolutely no reason.  It's not that I am afraid I am going to "miss" something or because I simply must get that bathroom clean.  Far from it.  I guess it is because I feel relaxed?  Makes no sense because sleep is relaxing, duh.  So I went to Goodwill after the doctor appt. even though I was so tired, I probably shouldn't have even been driving.  Got a beautiful silky shirt/jacket, stickers, necklace, shoulder sweeping earrings and two pairs of shoes.  And yes you futher muckers - I did need shoes!  I think I may have fallen below the 100 pairs a woman with two feet requires.  Now if I only had 1 foot, I could get by with 50.  Come on ladies!  Back me up here!!!  Can't show pictures because my "new" camera is broken and I can't find the damn receipt.
Went to my former thrift shop the other day that I rarely go to because once the economy tanked, they really raised their prices.  Ended up spending about $180!  But you need to consider that two of these items were Marquis (by Waterford) you can't be too shocked, right?  Yeah, I shouldn't have stopped there, I know.
Sad that when Hunter is gone, all I do is sit and watch TV in the kitchen.  I mow and do dishes and that's about it.  lazy bitch!  But I do spend quality time with my PJ's.  That's gotta count for something, right?
Time to go read other posts.  But I thought it a good time to post as my arms aren't shakey right now.  Peace!


My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

You sound like "MY KIND OF WOMAN". I shit you not!
There is actually someone out there in this world like "Bat Shit" me!
Coincidently....I bought another shoe hanger yesterday at WallyWorld, a dazzling $5.95 heart necklace with earrings to match at B.Coat Factory( I needed it like another hole in my head.) Window shopped(it was closed) at the second hand store next door to the jewelers where I had my watch link put back together and no brains MOI forgot to have one link removed. It spins on my arm and drives me "ape shit."
PJ's are my best friend! ;0)
Might I ask where you are going to display the Waterford pretties?
Are they going to stay in a box
( for someday) like alot of my stuff does?
Hey...whatever floats our boat keeps our heads above water!!! :0)

Parsley said...

Glad I stopped by for a read. I enjoyed it! Looking forward to more posts as I follow now.

Gnetch said...

Shopping is the most important thing in the world. Especially for shoes! Ha! I would go shopping with you.

Anonymous said...

Shopping is what I do best...nest to sleeping. You and I must get together to buy some good quality shoes and I am in need of new spanxs. After shopping we could get a mani pedi then do lunch. Which would drain us of all our energy so we could go to my home and pick a great old movie to fall asleep to on my king size bed or double reclining sofa. Your call. I promise not to cuddle if you pick the bed....unless you want to cuddle. lol!

Just Be Real said...

Middle Child, seems you are really busy. I was never into shopping. Hated being drag around by my mum when I was younger to stores. Blessings.