Saturday, April 14, 2012

See? It doesn't take long does it?

Asshole Hunter is at it again.  I stepped out the back door to grab a smoke before I went down to change up the laundry.  I then heard him talking to someone and before I could step into view, I heard him mentioning my kids names.  Then all I heard was negative lies.  He changed the events to make him look like the good/tough guy.  I finally stepped out right after he said, "she worries what will happen to her -money wise- if I should die.  She can spit on my grave, that's what."  He say me and says, "What's up honey."  I said, "Nothing."  Then just stared at him.  He got the message but then continued talking to the neighbor.
Tears in my eyes.  But I held them back.  I am getting good at this.  Ok, I will admit to taking Xanax but hey........mother's little helper, you know.
So yeah.   I'm baaaaaaack!


klahanie said...

I know I could come up with stuff like the dude seems to be masking his own insecurities by twisting stories around to make him seem like the good guy.
People like to take advantage of people they think are vulnerable, easy targets.
My dear friend, nobody has the right to devalue your humanity.
And for what it's worth, much respect and a virtual hug, your way,

Dazee Dreamer said...

What an asswipe. Honestly, you already know how I feel about men like him. He needs to get a huge ole taste of his own medicine. What kind of mothers raise these kind of men.!!!!!

Gnetch said...

Whoa. What the hell. He is an asshole. I'm sure he'll get what he deserves soon. I agree with Klahanie. He is insecure. Just stay strong and awesome.

Unknown said...

maybe this song is about him?

My name WAS Female, I shit you not! said...

Who AM I to tell took me over 40 years to FIND MY VOICE ( over 60 years if you count hubby #1 and hubby #2 ,( May they both rot in Hell ) , but DAMN, I still haven't forgot what being a "door mat " felt like. SUCKED!!!!

Hubby#3 liked to exaggerateshit to family and people. NOW, I interject " your a damned liar " when such an occasion arises.
NOW...I only wish that I could fix the rest of my fucked up life.
I'm about to go under the water for the third time ( as someone drowning says ) with all the shit that gets heaped my way.
Whining and bitching isn't "the cure", BUT it sure the Fuck HELPS! I shit you not! Whine away m/f. (((hugs)))Pat

Coffeypot said...

Is the money worth it? Clean him out in a divorce.