Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Like when you get better when you finally decide to go to the doctor.

So I finally contacted Jeremy's dad, the computer wizard and by that, I mean he makes computer geeks look like a one year old child.  It's like he speaks a foreign language.  He didn't do anything other than talk to me about the keyboard and also a laptop.  Do see me now ?  My keyboard has recovered all on it's own.  As I said, it's like when you are finally sick enough that you make that doctor appt. and you are fine the day of the appt.  But I am happy.  For now.
The last part of my last post was me showing how things showed up if I just typed normally with out hitting a key many times and going slow to check ever letter on the screen.  Just this, writing this I feel happy!!!  As for the laptop, I know what to get.  See, I almost picked up a keyboard yesterday but Hunter said I had to check with Jim.  Geez,  isn't it  too bad I am so stupid?  If you know me you'd be laughing your ass off.  At least now I can get the stuff I need because Jim said so.  Duh.
Today Hunter has physical therapy for his pinched nerve in his neck.  We also have to pick up his truck which we took in late last night to get an oil, lube and one other thing that I can't remember.
Speaking of memory......I heard on the news that people who smoke pot 20 times a month or less have better short-term memory than people who don't smoke anything at all.  And they also have better lung function that non-smokers.  Now a heavy pot smoker has equal memory and lung function than a non-smoker.  When I say non-smoker, I mean someone who smokes neither pot nor cigs.  So.....for the betterment of my health, I just need to switch brands. No more Pall Malls.  I'll be smoking dope.  Yay!!!!!
Tonight we go to Outback Steak House with that other couple I showed my bra to although it was Hunter I was showing it to cuz I was pissed.  They just happened to be there.  I will have only one drink and let Hunter be the only idiot at the table.  Steak yum.  Outback.  Not so much.
Last day of warmer temps and a "snow storm" watch.  My dad used to get mad that the media hyped this all up.  I on the other hand see it as empty promises.  First of all....3 to 6" does not a snowstorm make.  Second-It usually doesn't happen.  We shall see.  Is it wrong if I ask you all to pray for snow?

I was just sitting outside and it was absolutely gorgeous.  Sunshine and 55 degrees. 
Truck will stay in the shop overnight again cuz it needs new brakes on the one side on the rear so we are having both sides done.  Hunter asked, I said asked if he could use my vehicle to go to therapy and also to dinner tonight. He asked before he told the guy to go ahead and do the work.  I said, "Not unless you fill up the gas tank".  He said he would.  (see, it's all that allowance thing). 

My other new thing is that I am praying for peace and working on a REAL relationship with God.  I have always, I have always known but now I am going to do more than just give lip service to it.  It is a personal thing and I am already feeling better but I will need to keep at it.  Peace.


Coffeypot said...

Enjoy your steak and good news about the lap top. I love mine.

Ms. A said...

3-6 inches of snow would be regarded as a "MAJOR" snowstorm, here!

Just Be Real said...

The good news you received take it to heart and enjoy. Blessings.

Comeca Jones said...

Im digging that you are seeking a better relationship with "him" just to be sure you know that its a know pressure kind of thing set a side a small 10 or 15 min time slot in everyday and just meditate on him and the desires of your heart where you want to improve as a person etc. This can even be done while you walk so good luck with that. By the way you are too funny you know that right? That whole bra thing and the other couple being there but not really. Tooo funny!Oh congrats on the rebirth ! lol

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