Thursday, October 27, 2011

The squirrels did it!

Warning!  If my mind gets going here, there may be alot of the word fuck so if it offends,...turn the page.  I totally respect that.  Perhaps Hazel-see comment last post-was trying to be helpful but.....cheesy?
This is my blog.  My journal.  If it were a paper would see lots of doodles and a coffee stain or two.  If this is your way of advertising your services....then you'd better hone up your sales pitch.  What's next?  Oh, you have laugh lines, I will give you free botox.?
Speaking of squirrels, they are the ones destroying my little (cheesy? fucker)  display of corn stalks, pumpkins and such.  So take it from me, the village idiots wife, take the cobs of corn OFF the stalks!
Fuck-stick gave me the money lecture yesterday and today.  I guess it was LOLGOF.  (Listen to one lecture, get one free.)
My favorite Christmas song?  JOY TO THE WORLD.....AND CRAP TO ME. 
On the plus side, I did get my tranny serviced-no, not Chaz. 
"Are you smoking in the garage?  Don't burn it down!" Followed by a different lecture.  I like that Hunter mixes it up.
I know.....why do I stay and all that.  I have my reasons.  Financial.   Love.  Allow me to bitch and moan.  It could save someone's life someday!  Sometimes it's just little irritations that build up.  Some are big - ha, I just said big - and fight worthy.
Know what?  If had to lose one of my senses, I would give up hearing.  I can hear the music in my head.  I can even hear it in harmony!  Lots of voice lessons, piano lessons and choirs.  But I wouldn't have to hear all the meanness in the world and I don't just mean at home.
So, I am sorry for not using the word fuck very much.  It was really flying through my mind today but once I get up here to the computer I seem to be much xanax calmer.  Or forgetful or flighty or...I know -CHEESY! 


Ms. A said...

I subscribe to your comments, so I caught that cheesy remark. Glad you addressed it! You go, Girl!

Coffeypot said...

Fuck away, hon. Doesn't bother me. And I know why you are staying...the last laugh.

The Bipolar Diva said...

lectures, EFF 'em! I had my fair share last week and part of this week. HATE IT! sorry.

Unknown said...

OK i missed that comment do I need to do a fire vlog on some people?? I will ya know.. need me to come hide a body to?? I will do that as well.

Snowbrush said...

This is a great post, true, poignant, yet also funny.

Marianna Annadanna said...

I love the word fuck and I love anything cheesy! Love it.

Hazel Ann said...

I didn't mean to offend you at any cost. I'm sorry. Guys, please treat each other with love. I meant to help and I just wanted to be a friend. You can keep this stuff to yourself and stop acting like your 3 when someone accidently offends you.

klahanie said...

Rant away. What the fuck, even shy, modest and unassuming me has been known to go into an Anglo-Saxon derivative frenzy!
May you 'hear' gentle songs in your head and may the negative chatter of crap artists be but a whisper. Or as that song goes, 'Take It cheesy, take it cheesy
Don't let the sound of your own wheels, drive you crazy...'
Here's wishing you a semblance of a peaceful, positive weekend.
Gary :)