Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Coincidence? I think not.

Felt pretty good despite being awaken to be told that I should probably get up now and get at the yard work cuz it looks like it's going to rain.   Then off  Hunter goes to help a relative with some electrical work.  I got up and coffeed a bit then got at it.  Funny how you go to rake a little pile of pine needles and it somehow fills a whole yard waste cart.  So then a short (and expected rain).  I had to go to Goodwill to give the grass a chance to dry.  What?  All was dry when I got back and I mowed, picking up only a few bag fulls. Then I took the bagger off and mowed/mulched the rest. Then did a bunch of other stuff.  Good day.
Oh....my son was taken to the hospital yesterday.  He has pancreatitis. Guess it's not just for drinkers anymore.  He had the really bad stomach pains for 5 days but instead of going to the doctor, he just kept moving stuff into their new home.  He is home with a modified diet and told to avoid stress.  Really?  Have you met my son's family?  Says his pain meds. send them to mommy aren't working. Weird cuz he rarely even takes an asprin so you'd think it would affect him even more.
Ok.  On to read a few and apologize to my DVR for ignoring it.  I think tomorrow is another early wake-up call.  Cars to have transmisson serviced.  Yeesch!


Ms. A said...

I mowed the yard once, over 30 years ago and hubby had a fit. Never again.

Anonymous said...

Woman you make me feel so lazy....I took out the trash yesterday and that made me feel so good about myself all day! I am sorry to hear about your son having health issues. I am also sad that he is not enjoying the benefits of his pain medicines. Man that would stink but I do hear that some generics do not metabolize as well as brand name meds because of the fillers in them so he may want to talk to his doc about switching brands.

Coffeypot said...

Keeping my mouth shut. With my bad back, I work with Judy until I can't hardy standup straight and Judy gets mad at me. Then I sit in the chair and grumble and get mad at myself for getting old. But I have NEVER told her she needs to get up and do anything...not even fix breakfast. I have Waffle House for that. And I would never leave her alone working and go to someone's else house to work with them. Fuck him.

Wanda's Wings said...

So much energy! Hope your son feels better soon.

Bossy Betty said...

You are woman! I hear you roar!

Hope your son feels better soon!

Unknown said...

Hi again, I lost all of my Followers a while back and trying to get them back. Remembered you!
Sorry. I'm back!