Tuesday, May 10, 2011

JOE CAP - You are too funny!

RED SHOES - I don't have a camera so I can't take a picture but someone else posted about stain and I think Ilike that idea best. (Sorry someone, but if I go back and look, I will lose my train of thought-but I love you just the same.)

The Bible verse? From Revelations: Chapter 21 Vs.4

And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.
And there shall be no more death
Neither sorrow, nor crying.
Neither shall there be any more pain
for the former things are passed away.

I could barely read it as it has faded to gray. Do I get the stain at a big box hardware store or a craft store? If I stain, how exactly do I do that? And how does that accent the writing? Btw, I am not smarter than a fifth grader in this respect.
Back later!

Well, off to the therapist. It's in the lower 80's with.....HUMIDITY! Ug. I asked The Hunter how little I could wear and not get arrested.


Red Shoes said...

"I asked The Hunter how little I could wear and not get arrested."

That comment SO begs for photos!!!



Ms. A said...

Joe Cap visits you??? Wow!

Anonymous said...

You are going to have to outline the letters in a stain/paint other wise it will all blend together. You can get the stuff you need to seal it a big box store. You can use a small paint brush to do the letters and either a roller or larger brush for the rest of the thing. Be sure to seal the edges also.