Friday, April 22, 2011

Kinda Not.

Just haven't felt like writing. I am forced to pick up the pen today though. Sitting down? Well....I am actually happy and have been all day! I know! No reason in particular. I will say that a long prayer that was posted on the blog JUST BE REAL (and I wish could do the linky thingie) has really dug it's way into my heart and mind. I do not think it is a temporary thing, soon to be forgotten. I have it safely in my "favorites" except no, it didn't go there but has declared it's importance to me by scooching into it's own little spot on my tool bar. Who am I to say where it should go? It is a prayer after all! What's equally wondrous is that everyday is rainy or cloudy or both. And I'm still OK!

I almost had a really bad day Wednesday. The Hunter had to go see the tax guy again (a very long story I will prob. tell at some point.) I had showered and was trying to get out of the house when he came in. He's like - Where you going? I told him I was going to my store (Community Thrift). He said no. Then he said- just window shop. Really, who does that? I told him that I wasn't going to charge it, that I had money. He says, "Don't bring anything into the house." Then it was...."Where'd you get the money?" (see, all our money is his money-another long story.) I told him that while he was in Wisconsin, I was giving B.J.'s for $5 each. Then I left the house. A little assertiveness goes a long way. It is something I am learning. Called him later and he was fine. Then I realized he was just angry at the idiot former IRS accountant man and tried to take it out on me. So, yeah. I bought some cool things, crystal and sparkly, yadda yadda yadda. Per spell check - yadda isn't a word but they did give me the option of using the word Yoda. Would that have sounded better? Yoda Yoda Yoda.


Coffeypot said...

I MISSED A $5 BLOW JOB!!??!! Damn this computer for being down. I miss everything.

jewelrygirl said...

Hope you found some cool sparkly stuff...that is the best!!

You crack me up:)


On My Soapbox said...

For a minute there, Hunter sounded like my control-freak relative. Glad that's not the case!