Saturday, December 18, 2010

Don't be Grumbly Hateful,..

Be humbly grateful. Today was the same comedy of errors as everyday. But I talked to my son and he always helps me. We are very much alike. He told me to do whatever it takes to get my JOY back. The Hunter was the one who told me not to let anyone steal my joy. He is unaware that he is the thief. But I brought up church and my son said he wished I could attend my daughter-in-law's aunt's church, but it is an hour away. It is joyful, true and Bible based. They sing praises to God instead of mumbling phrase and songs just to get through the service. They do missionary work and community work and pray for each other, rather than just saying, I will pray for you.

The Hunter and I are "between" churches right now. He is set and in his ways and wouldn't attend any church but Lutheran, Missouri Synod. It doesn't matter to me as long as there isn't anything against the Bible. I want to attend a church that stirs my soul and makes me want to follow God in all I do. I am conflicted as to whether I should continue to attend whatever church he does (Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod) or find one that feeds me. I know God had people leaving their families if that is what they had to do to follow Him. I also know that a woman should support her husband and attend church even if he doesn't. It would seem weird to attend a different church than he does but now that I think about it,..I doubt he'd care. See? If I babble enough, I can reach my own conclusions!

For now, I will do whatever my husband says even though it changes hourly. I will find my joy and guard it with my life!!!!


Coffeypot said...

To me, being a dutiful wife does not mean being totally submissive. You are entitled to your own thoughts, feelings and the pursuit of happiness. Ask him once to go with you. If he says no or whines or bitches, let the sound fade as you walk out the door. And he needs to support you as much as you support him

Jimmy said...

I agree, ask him to go with you and visit other Churches until you find one that makes you want to attend, yes try his Church and if it does not suit you as it appears you already know find one you will be proud of with or without him.

Kamila said...

My opinion is it doesn't matter what church you attend long as you can communicate to God... I mean religion won't save anyone... but Faith will.. right?

the walking man said...

Look think on this for a minute or three.

The word church in the bible was translated from the Greek word Ecclesia which means a group of people called out from a larger group of people for a specific purpose. It can be a generic word if you like. Say people who do quilting...they are an ecclesia.

There is no reference to any religion in the bible not in the old testament or the new.

"Religion (ארח orahh, Strong's #734): One word that is probably most assiciated with the Bible is religion. In reality there is no Biblical Hebrew word for religion and you will never find the word religion in any translation of the Hebrew Bible (Tenach/Old Testament). To the Ancient Hebrews, their religion was their lifestyle and covered all aspects of life from worship to using the latrine (see Deuteronomy 23:13,14). The Hebrew word orahh can mean a path used by travelers as well as the path of life, a lifestyle."

In short religion is life, a way of life not a structure of belief. A church s a group of people called out to live a certain way of life in all that they do.

If you need to be with people who have the same belief structure as you do to feel like you are in communion with God then you are duty bound regardless of any obstacle to find that ecclesia.

But the entire purpose according to the writings of the Christian tradition that came after the ressurection was so we could see that God is once again within us. That the spirit which connected man, his creation to him is once again without ceremony or rites a part of his being again.

For me I am nothing not Christian, nor Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu or any subset there of. But I knwo in whom I trust and where my belief os placed and I never found any parcel or portion of it in a building.

I am not going to go into the why of it but KAMILA is much closer to truth than she may know.