Monday, December 27, 2010

As usual, I got the bone!

No matter what I eat or who is at a meal with us, I always get the "bone". Yeah, it can even be a stupid banana and I will get a hard piece. For Christmas, I made deviled eggs and they weren't peeling right so I was pissed. Naturally, I got the one that still had a chunk (big one) of shell still attached. 'Course everyone just laughs at the fact because, well really? It's always me and always stupid. And so, we went out to eat with both The Hunter's sons and their families and sure enough,.....I got the "bone". I was eating ice cream at the time. Eating ICE CREAM for God's sake. The Hunter said, it's a walnut. I'm like,, is my tooth! FYI - I am too old to be losing baby teeth. I also go to the dentist faithfully every 6 months. So, is it even legal for this to have happened? Can I sue the dentist? How 'bout the restaurant or the manufacturer or,...even the server? No biggie really. It's just that I've never had this happen before and I am a little freaked out about it. Hope there's enough tooth left for a crown. Maybe he'll just have to pull it. I'm sure I could get used to letting coffee drip through there, onto the floor.

No, I'm not complaining. But I do wish we could still spank our adult kids and force them to go to the doctor/dentist. My daughter has a TERRIBLE tooth thingie that is affecting her jaw, ear, glands, mouth. I tell her over and over (only when she brings it up) that she needs to go. Her latest is that she wants to wait to see if she gets hired on permanently at Target and then she'll try to make an appt. She also works in a hospital and has a few years of nursing school under her belt, so she knows that the pain is the least of it. Possible infec. in blood steam, damage to jaw bone, etc. Oh well, when it gets bad enough, they'll be taking her by ambulance. So,...I guess I shouldn't worry about it.

Good night, God bless and brush your teeth dammit!


Coffeypot said...

Maybe I should start calling you Snaggle. I am afflicted with the same thing. If it's bad, hard, rotten, I will get it. I had a crown come off and I didn't realize it until desert was served. Apple Pie Ala Mode. The ice-cream went straight into the hole and I came straight out of my chair. Worst pain ever. I had the root pulled with I went back for a new crown.

Sairs said...

I am sorry to hear you had this happen. I must admit I keep getting tooth aches but I know I have sensitive teeth already and it's only to hot and cold stuff and it will only be there for a short period and then move to another tooth. I'm getting paranoid that my teeth are all bad but I did get them all fixed by december 2009. I can't imagine that they would all get that bad by now and I had a mid year check up. Oh I worry. I could imagine that was very scary to happen though, especially when you get check ups and get your teeth fixed on a regular basis. I'm babbling, sorry!

P.S. I think it's not fair too that you get the raw deal with food!

Small Town Girl said...

I understand Honey! I brush my teeth religiously as well as go to the dentist. I have terrible gums and have to have grafts done occasionally. No fun! Hubby on the other hand brushes his teeth once a day and has no dental problems at all. It's not fair I tell you!

the walking man said...

Don't worry when the coffee starts to slip past the hole your family will just think you're drooling on yourself and ready for "the home"

After a certain age if they going to go they is going to go I spent a couple grand having them fixed, re-fixed, repaired then finally told him to gas me and pull the bad ones from my lower jaw. Now the damn plate has broken twice and is out of warranty.

It's a no win, but then Gerbers sells a fine line of food.

Bossy Betty said...

Yikes! Actually, I am off to se a gum specialist in two hours--an appointment I have put off for three months. I know what you mean about wanting those adult children to go to the doctor! Mine is still on the insurance plan and I still can't get him to go.

Shen said...

Eeep! I also hope it can be saved and crowned. I have a lot of crowns... ten I think. They work just like they did before the crowns.

It sucks to break a tooth. It seems like you've had your turn, now, for life. No more bones for you!

Linda Medrano said...

Adult kids are the worst. Can't spank 'em. In fact, can't control them at all. Your daughter should know better. That said, what are you gonna do? They're grown.

KittyCat said...

as my tattoos counsolor once told me, at what point do you let go and let them live their life and be responsible for their future.
It sucks, and it was hard for me to do
but he was right. you cant carry their load for them forever.

at some point you have to let go.
and hope they will make it.

Michelle Faith said...

Wow Ice cream...really? Ouch! What do you do when comfort food fights back? Hope your coffee plays nice.