Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sink your teeth into this.

Whatever. I did survive the dentist. He had to do a little extra scraping and I said, ok but you'd better numb me. He did. I had a sore chin (WTF?) the rest of the day. At any rate,...I lived.
Did alot of yard work and not much else. Today we planned to go out to Aunt Dor's. She's the one who's like 96 yrs. old. The hunter was up hours before me, he's grilled a pot roast for a half hour, then put it in the oven with veggies and had accomplished a multitude. of things. (He's gonna make someone a good wife some day.) I got up and was my usual incoherent self for an hour or so. Then I got dressed and picked beans out of the garden to take with us. We got 2 blocks from home and I asked if he'd talked to one of the cousins since Aunt Dar hadn't returned our call. He said nope so I called the cousin and what do you know, she's in the hospital again. So we came back home, threw the dinner back in the oven and ate early. Tomorrow we will go see her in the hospital. As often happens at that age, Aunt Dorothy keeps asking why God won't just take her now. She's tired.
I decided to go shopping because otherwise I would have to take a nap. Looked at Goodwill for stuff I could use for my fall/Halloween decorations outside. Their prices were crazy high. Unusual for them. I spent like $3.77. Then I went to the other thrift shop that I like. Spent about $30. Got a beautiful crystal um,..well It could be used for a huge 3 wick candle or,...and no, it isn't for Halloween but - SHUT-UP! I just needed it, ok? A mask, some sheer white fabric and some satiny black and a couple other things. Came home. Had pretzels and cheese for dinner, plus a banana. What? Carbs, protein and fruit. Sounds alright to me. And we had that big meal at about noon so,....
This is stupid. I feel stupid. Fri. is the football game. The school colors are black and ORANGE! Whee! I will do my nails those colors and my clothes and if I'm feeling really "fun", I may just put black and orange stripes on my face. And the family won't sit by me but that's ok. I always connect with someone equally weir,..I mean fun.

ANOTHER DAY OF CRAZY - Read back a few blogs - you'll change your mind about wanting someone like the hunter.

lAURIE - Oooo - I can't resist. "going to the hunk you are getting to see while opening wide!" You gotta know my mind dipped right into the gutter on that one. Maybe it only had to dip a little. I tend to hover there much of the time.

RON - The bread is sliced and in the freezer. Feel free to come get my share. Bread is one of the few things I prefer soft.

LAURIE - RON - RAWKN + JO - Welcome.


Coffeypot said...

I like painting up for your team. Showes spirit! Now come here and open wide, please.

Just Plain Tired said...

You put more effort into supporting your team than I do. Your supper/dinner sounds like something I'd eat as well.

Blogs said...

good will prices do suck ass....whatever happened to .25 items.....ughhhh....what a busy lady u r:)

Small Town Girl said...

I love no effort suppers. And you just gave me desire to go shopping at the bargain stores. Ooooh.... I wonder what I'll find!

Linda Medrano said...

Whoa! Orange and black are the SF Giant's colors too! And we're in the playoffs right now. I going to paint my face to watch the game (on tv).